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  • bath

    10 Things You Have to Include on a Tour of England

    I’m thrilled to be featuring a guest post by Gabe Campbell this week! I have never written about my own country which is actually a huge shame, because England is pretty great! Luckily…

  • brits abroad
    Opinion UK

    Brits Abroad: We Need to Talk

    “Brits abroad – mentally challenged individuals from the UK who travel to foreign countries with no intention of integrating with the culture there.” Urban Dictionary First things first, let it be…

  • v rev
    Food UK

    Crazy Vegan Junk Food at V Rev Manchester

    If you know me, you’ll know that I love meat. That said, I’m not one of those meat eaters who feels cheated if I eat a meal that doesn’t include bacon, and…

  • Canadian big fry
    Food UK

    Comfort Food at The Canadian Big Fry

    The Canadian Big Fry’s slogan is “Our fries are worth the drive to Castleton!” and though it’s a pretty bold claim, they just might be right. Located about 20 minutes outside of…

  • UK Women's Issues

    Why FGM is Britain’s Issue Too

    ‘Genital mutilation of girls is sometimes referred to as “circumcision.” Implicitly, this likens it to male circumcision. If male circumcision meant removing the glans and testicles and adhering the remains of…

  • UK

    Coming Home for Christmas

    While I preparing to leave Koh Rong in order to come home for Christmas, almost everyone I told was surprised. “But why? Christmas will be amazing here!” was the common response.…