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  • brits abroad
    Opinion UK

    Brits Abroad: We Need to Talk

    “Brits Abroad – mentally challenged individuals from the UK who travel to foreign countries with no intention of integrating with the culture there.” Urban Dictionary First things first, let it be…

  • v rev
    Food UK

    Crazy Vegan Junk Food at V Rev, MCR

    If you know me, you’ll know that I love meat. That said,Β I’m not one of those meat eaters who will shun any meal that doesn’t contain any animal products. I don’t…

  • Canadian big fry
    Food UK

    Comfort Food at The Canadian Big Fry

    The Canadian Big Fry’sΒ slogan is “Our fries are worth the drive to Castleton!” and though it’s a pretty bold claim, they just might be right. Located about 20 minutes outside of…

  • UK

    Coming Home for Christmas

    While I preparing to leave Koh Rong in order to come home for Christmas, almost everyone I told was surprised. “But why? Christmas will be amazing here!” was the common response.…