4 Reasons to Visit Hoi An

When most people are asked if they enjoyed Hoi An, they say, without hesitation, YES. However, when asked why they liked it so much, people often find it difficult to explain. You see, there isn’t a great deal to do in Hoi An, yet it is still one of those little gems that is just so difficult to leave.

1. The Food

One thing that sets Hoi An apart from most places I’ve seen on my travels is the food. From the meat skewers available on every street corner, to the divine 5 star quality restaurants on the riverfront (with mains a fraction of the price to what you would find back home), to the Western comforts of the incredible Dingo Deli, which, as well as serving hearty Western meals, has a deli counter brimming with European meats and cheeses. Then there is Cargo, famous for its cakes, and the endless stream of coffee shops serving top quality Vietnamese coffee. Yup, Hoi An is a food lover’s dream.

Hoi An

£5 cuisine in the old town!

Hoi An

Tex Mex salad in Dingo Deli

2. The Cheap Beer 

Like any traveller, I love to drink alcohol and I love a bargain. So what better than a glass of cold beer for 3000VND?! That’s just 10p a glass you guys. 10p!!! This beer is so common in Hoi An that most bars and restaurants have a keg of it, and even in the old town, prices never go above 5000VND.

3. The Architecture 

Hoi Man’s ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and when you walk down its streets, free from traffic and complete  with lampposts that play classical music (!), it isn’t hard to see why. The beautiful French architecture is really a sight to behold, and the river, complete with gondolas and floating candles, just adds to the magic of it all. Hoi An is the perfect town for a night time stroll.

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4. The Shopping 

No post about Hoi An would be complete without a nod to the shopping that can be done here. Every other shop is a tailor’s, just waiting to make you any item of clothing you want, made to measure, at ridiculously low cost prices. I’ll be writing a post soon about how to avoid being scammed in these places, but really, if you use your brain and exercise a certain amount of caution (like anywhere in Asia), you will be fine. I was more than happy with my £20 custom made dress!


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