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The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is not a place that many people consider travelling to. Those already in the Balkans may choose to spend a night there to tick it off their lists (I wrote about those people in an earlier post), but for most people, a…

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Visiting the Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Unfortunately, the Balkans have a terrible history of bear cruelty. Up until very recently, it was common for restaurants to have bears in tiny cages as a way of attracting customers. These bears would live off sweets and bread…

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Road Tripping Through Kosovo and Albania!

Everybody warned us about Albanian men. ‘They’re all Mafioso, they will take you, sell your body and harvest your organs,’ they said. The stigma surrounding Kosovo was even greater. ‘Kosovo isn’t safe, it’s a warzone. You’d be mad to…