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greg & tom party hostel

10 Annoying Things Backpackers Do

To anyone that knows me personally, it won’t come as a surprise that I’m going to write a long-winded, judgemental article about my peers. To those that don’t know me in real life, it might seem odd that I,…


Does Counting Countries Make You a Basic Bitch?

Until recently, I had no idea that counting countries was such a hot topic in the travel blogging community and what a polarising issue it was. With some likening counting countries to a sort of ‘personal colonialism,’ and saying…

brits abroad
Opinion UK

Brits Abroad: We Need to Talk

“Brits abroad – mentally challenged individuals from the UK who travel to foreign countries with no intention of integrating with the culture there.” Urban Dictionary First things first, let it be said that I love my country. I feel…

logan paul
Dark Tourism Opinion

Logan Paul, Suicide Forest & A Lesson in Tact

Around this time last year, I wrote about why I don’t believe that anybody should visit North Korea as a tourist, and touched on how travel bloggers have a responsibility not to promote destinations with such horrific human rights…

long term travel
Advice Opinion

7 Ways Long Term Travel Has Changed Me

Sometimes, you don’t always notice the subtle ways in which you change as you grow older. Small changes take place over time, and oftentimes, it is those around us that notice a difference first. Since I’ve been travelling long…