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poznan reasons to love poland

29 Reasons to Fall in Love With Poland

Since May 2017, I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time in Poland. I’m not sure how much time exactly, because I’ve popped home to Manchester a couple of times and I’ve taken the odd week here and…

Dark Tourism Poland

How to Not be a Dick at Auschwitz

When I visited Auschwitz, I was in a sombre mood. Walking around the former death camp, surrounded by the ghosts of those who perished there, I barely even spoke to the friend that I was with. The two of…


The Land of a Thousand Lakes – Masuria, Poland

Anyone that knows me (or reads literally anything that I post on the internet ever) will know that I love taking part in language immersion programmes that help Polish, Czech and Slovak adults improve their English. Over the last…


Off the Beaten Track in Poland

Wyrysk was not a place I planned on visiting. Neither, for that matter were the villages of Osiek nad Notecia, Górka Klasztorna and Runowo Krajenskie, but as is the nature of travelling, you meet a crazy Polish lady who…

Wroclaw, Wroclaw cathedral

Wrocław – Poland’s Hidden Gem

Ah, back to Poland again, for the third time this year. It’s almost like I can’t keep away from the cheap beer, amazing food and beautiful architecture. Funny that. My first stop was Wroclaw (not pronounced how you would…