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Travelling Jezebel is on the Mindset of Success Podcast!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be asked on Logan Greenwood’s podcast, the Mindset of Success. Logan Greenwood is a Strategic Intervention Coach with a focus on lifestyle business coaching and relationship coaching. Having never been on a podcast before, I was super nervous, but Logan made me feel really comfortable and I couldn’t believe that we talked for almost an hour!

On the Mindset of Success podcast, I talk about the realities of being a travel blogger (it’s not as easy or glamorous as you think!), solo female travel (it’s not as dangerous as you think!) and the ways that volunteer work has allowed me to make long term travel a reality.

I had a tonne of fun recording this podcast with Logan, and hopefully there will be some useful tips in there for you to take away as well! You should also listen to Logan’s other podcasts because he interviews people who are literally ‘living their best lives,’ (hah) and if you need that push or sign to just go and follow your dreams then this is it!

If you want to know more about Logan Greenwood, then you should go and check out his website right here, his Facebook page here, and his Instagram page here!

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