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Visiting the Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

Unfortunately, the Balkans have a terrible history of bear cruelty. Up until very recently, it was common for restaurants to have bears in tiny cages as a way of attracting customers. These bears would live off sweets and bread…

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Food Montenegro

9 Best Cheap Eats in Kotor, Montenegro

At first glance, Kotor doesn’t seem to be a place brimming with budget-friendly options when eating out. Most restaurants are more or less the same, with a selection of expensive seafood dishes and not a whole lot else, and…

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10 Annoying Things Backpackers Do

To anyone that knows me personally, it won’t come as a surprise that I’m going to write a long-winded, judgemental article about my peers. To those that don’t know me in real life, it might seem odd that I,…


Wine Tasting in Albania with Kantina Alpeta!

Not many people have heard of Berat, and even less have heard of Roshnik, a small village located about 30 minutes from Berat’s centre. Usually visitors to Albania spend a few days in Tirana before moving onto the next…


Reflections on Life in Kotor, Montenegro

This isn’t my usual kind of blog post. It isn’t an in-depth destination guide or well-researched article. The reality is that when I’m actually on the road, I rarely find myself motivated to write those kinds of articles. In…

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Albania Kosovo

Road Tripping Through Kosovo and Albania!

Everybody warned us about Albanian men. ‘They’re all Mafioso, they will take you, sell your body and harvest your organs,’ they said. The stigma surrounding Kosovo was even greater. ‘Kosovo isn’t safe, it’s a warzone. You’d be mad to…