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Comfort Food at The Canadian Big Fry

The Canadian Big Fry’s slogan is “Our fries are worth the drive to Castleton!” and though it’s a pretty bold claim, they just might be right. Located about 20 minutes outside of Manchester city centre, and a two-minute walk away from Castleton train station, The Canadian Big Fry is a Canadian owned fast food outlet that specialises in  – you’ve guessed it – fries.

Dave’s fries are cooked not once, not twice, but three times, ensuring they’re soft in the middle but crispy on the outside. Think of the best chippy chips you’ve ever tasted and imagine them being twice as good, because that’s what Dave’s fries are.

I went to check this place out myself with my friend Mikki. She was boring and opted for the naked fries (£0.95) – “We don’t do plain, only naked!” – while I asked Dave what he recommended and he whipped me up a Buttermilk Chicken Poutine (£2.95), which was unreal. I’m not usually a chip lover so I’d been unsure how much I’d actually enjoy The Canadian Big Fry but it was so good! I got a generous portion of chips (I’d asked for small but was told “We only do Big, Bigger or Biggest!”) that were full of flavour, topped with chunky cheese curds, Canadian style, and chicken curry.

Canadian big fry

Buttermilk Chicken Poutine – yummy!


Canadian big fry

This is the smallest portion size available – I couldn’t finish it!


At £2.95, it’s an absolute bargain for what you get – definitely worth the trip out of town!

The menu also includes regular poutine (with the chicken curry replaced with gravy), and considering the dish is making it onto the menus of hipster restaurants at £10-12, being able to get a portion for just £2.25 is definitely a plus! Also on offer are chili fries, “Lumberjack” fries (with minced beef, onions and gravy), “Newfie” fries (topped with stuffing, fried onions, peas and gravy) and huge hot dogs imported from Hungary.

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It wasn’t until we were ready to leave that I noticed that cups of tea are only 50p – being a caffeine-addict, I was pretty gutted I missed out on a bargain like that but I’m sure I’ll be back!

The verdict?

The Canadian Big Fry serves good old-fashioned comfort food, with tons of flavour, huge portions and dirt cheap prices. All the food is fresh and made to order, and Dave, the owner, goes above and beyond to be friendly and make sure his customers are happy (he even brought out a mini heater when we mentioned that it was a bit chilly!). I’d definitely go again.

Canadian big fry

Canadian big fry

Dave stealing a chip

For more infomation, as well as reviews and directions, be sure to follow The Canadian Big Fry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Disclosure: Our meal was provided complimentary by The Canadian Big Fry but as always all thoughts & opinions are my own!

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