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The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is not a place that many people consider travelling to. Those already in the Balkans may choose to spend a night there to tick it off their lists (I wrote about those people in an earlier post), but for most people, a…

Crnojević River

My Great Montenegro Tour with 360 Monte

Prior to booking my flight to Montenegro, all I knew was that it would be hot and that Montenegrins drink rakija. I didn’t even know which places to visit in Montenegro (I actually ended up staying in Kotor for…

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Food Montenegro

9 Best Cheap Eats in Kotor, Montenegro

At first glance, Kotor doesn’t seem to be a place brimming with budget-friendly options when eating out. Most restaurants are more or less the same, with a selection of expensive seafood dishes and not a whole lot else, and…


Reflections on Life in Kotor, Montenegro

This isn’t my usual kind of blog post. It isn’t an in-depth destination guide or well-researched article. The reality is that when I’m actually on the road, I rarely find myself motivated to write those kinds of articles. In…

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A Backpacker’s Guide to Tirana, Albania – 3 Day Itinerary

Tirana, Abania. Not a place where many people decide to spend their holidays, and it doesn’t usually feature on the itineraries of most people backpacking through Europe. Tirana isn’t the glitziest of destinations, nor is Albania the easiest country…

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First Impressions of Belgrade, Serbia

Years ago, whenever I pictured visiting Serbia, I imagined waking up in a freezer without any kidneys. Like most uneducated Brits, I didn’t know anything about the country and assumed that the film Hostel basically said it all (and yes, I’m…