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  • Advice Hostels

    How to Make Friends in Hostels

    When I first embarked on my travels, there was one fear that plagued me – what if I couldn’t make friends in hostels? I wouldn’t say I’m overly shy – I…

  • Vietnam

    4 Reasons to Visit Hoi An

    When most people are asked if they enjoyed Hoi An, they say, without hesitation, YES. However, when asked why they liked it so much, people often find it difficult to explain.…

  • Vietnam

    Is Mui Ne Backpacker-Friendly?

    Second stop in Vietnam was Mui Ne, a sleepy seaside town 5 Β hours east of Ho Chi Minh. Our accommodation, Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel, was beyond impressive, but not exactly…

  • Vietnam

    Hello, Ho Chi Minh!

    After 6 months of living in Cambodia, my first impressions of Vietnam were that it was CLEAN. Well, in comparison to Cambodia anyway! The second thing I noticed was how different…