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Dark Tourism Opinion

Logan Paul, Suicide Forest & A Lesson in Tact

Around this time last year, I wrote about why I don’t believe that anybody should visit North Korea as a tourist, and touched on how travel bloggers have a responsibility not to promote destinations with such horrific human rights…


Travel Burnout

Within the last several months or so, I’ve felt a sort of inner conflict. The longer I spend in Asia, the more it begins to feel like home. Simultaneously, however, the more time that I spend in this crazy…



I wasn’t expecting to like Hanoi. I’m not a huge fan of sprawling Asian cities as it is, and after 5 months of living on the idyllic island of Koh Rong, I was even less used to the traffic,…


Visiting a Snake Temple in Penang!

The Snake Temple in Penang is something that I had a hard time persuading my two friends to visit. First of all, it’s a 30 minute car journey south of George Town, and secondly, the reviews online aren’t great.…


Is Mui Ne Backpacker-Friendly?

Second stop in Vietnam was Mui Ne, a sleepy seaside town 5 Β hours east of Ho Chi Minh. Our accommodation, Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel, was beyond impressive, but not exactly what you would expect as a backpacker: although…


Hello, Ho Chi Minh!

After 6 months of living in Cambodia, my first impressions of Vietnam were that it was CLEAN. Well, in comparison to Cambodia anyway! The second thing I noticed was how different the Vietnamese looked and acted compared to the…


Why I’m Sacrificing a Career to Travel

All I’ve ever wanted to do is travel. Despite the fact that I’m ‘so intelligent’ and got ‘such good grades’ and have ‘so much potential,’ I have only ever wanted to travel and fill myself up with the fruits…