2016 – A Year of Travel!

2016 was the best year of my life. After years and years of dreaming about long-term travel but being restricted by university, 2016 was the year that I finally spent a full year away from home. Well…11 months. Close enough, right? I flew to Thailand in January, where I met up with some friends from previous …

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WORST Travel Experiences of 2016!

When I booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok last January, I knew that I wouldn’t regret my decision. I’d spent 4 months of 2015 backpacking around South East Asia, and didn’t see myself settling down in the UK anytime soon. However, though travel can be enlightening, rewarding and incredibly exciting, it can also be full …

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Koh Samui

Upon arrival on the island, we were bundled into a minibus and driven up the long and bumpy road to our accommodation, Bangpo Village. Bangpo was gorgeous. For anyone seeking a quiet holiday away from the madness of the backpacker scene, I cannot recommend it enough.