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Crnojević River

My Great Montenegro Tour with 360 Monte

Prior to booking my flight to Montenegro, all I knew was that it would be hot and that Montenegrins drink rakija. I didn’t even know which places to visit in Montenegro (I actually ended up staying in Kotor for…
Advice Opinion

5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Travel Alone

When I first told people I was going to travel through South-East Asia alone, they were shocked. A lot of people told me that while they thought that it was great that I was doing it, solo travel was something that…


The Worst Part of Travelling 

Everybody back home seems to think that long term travel is glamorous. They see the Instagram posts and imagine that every aspect of travel is just as beautiful as that sunset or that beach or that rainforest. And sometimes…

Advice Hostels

How to Make Friends in Hostels

When I first embarked on my travels, there was one fear that plagued me – what if I couldn’t make friends in hostels? I wouldn’t say I’m overly shy – I have no problem communicating when I’m already with people –…


Kampot: Cambodia’s Best Kept Secret

Kampot is not a place that many backpackers get around to visiting when they visit Cambodia. They visit Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, maybe Sihanoukville, and then leave for Vietnam or Thailand. However, the sleepy riverside town of Kampot is actually one…


Alone in Kuta

9/9/2015 So late last night, I landed in Denpasar airport, Bali. Alone. After years of being desperate to see the world but never being lucky enough to have friends who shared the dream seriously enough to save up and…