The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo is not a place that many people consider travelling to. Those already in the Balkans may choose to spend a night there to tick it off their lists (I wrote about those people in an earlier post), but for most people, a…

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Human Rights

The Dark Side of Tourism in Dubai

Hi guys! Before I jump into the article I just want to say that this is a written accompaniment to a video that I actually made on my YouTube channel, so if you haven’t already then please go and…

Human Rights

Slavery in Dubai

Will be posting an article about this topic soon, but here are my thoughts in brief! #STOPTHETRAFFIK   Featured image by David Rodrigo at Unsplash.…

Crnojević River

My Great Montenegro Tour with 360 Monte

Prior to booking my flight to Montenegro, all I knew was that it would be hot and that Montenegrins drink rakija. I didn’t even know which places to visit in Montenegro (I actually ended up staying in Kotor for…


Travelling Jezebel is on YouTube!

So I created a YouTube channel! Over dinner with a friend earlier this week, the topic of blogging came up and I suddenly had a brainwave – why not start my own YouTube channel?! While I love writing about…