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Are you a destination, brand, tour company or hotel looking to expand your influence and showcase your brand or destination to a new audience?

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My name is Danielle Leigh and I am the blogger behind Travelling Jezebel, a travel blog focusing on off the beaten path travel through a lens of food, culture and local experiences.

For the last six years, I have been living both as an expat and nomadically, and I have a passion for introducing my readers to brand new destinations, as well as uncovering the hidden sides of more popular places.

Contrary to popular belief, blogging isn’t dead – 77% of internet users read blogs, and 33% of US travellers rely mostly on blogs for travel planning.

What’s more, the average lifespan of a blog post is 2+ years, compared to 21-48 hours for an Instagram post, 5 hours for a Facebook post and just a few minutes for a TikTok post!

This means that if you’re looking for longevity and a partnership that is going to continue bringing in a return on your investment for years to come, collaborating with bloggers on authentic, search-optimised blog posts is the way to go.

With my in-depth, long-form articles, I provide my readers with inspiring and informative posts that stand the test of time. I always update my work for SEO and to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date.

Want to know how I can benefit your brand?

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Brands I’ve Worked With

My Statistics

Monthly website sessions: 50,000

Monthly pageviews: 70,000

Moz Domain Authority: 44

Instagram followers: 5500

Twitter followers: 6400

Facebook followers: 1500

TikTok followers: 1100

Monthly Pinterest views: 133,000

My Audience

Top 5 markets: United States (30%), United Kingdom (19%), Canada (6%), Germany (5%), Spain (3%)

Gender: 52% male, 48% female

Age range: 25-34 (32%)

How Can We Work Together?

I am always open to working with tourism boards, travel businesses, hospitality businesses and more, provided that we are a good fit for one another!

Here are some examples of how we can work together:

  • Long-form, engaging blog posts about your destination or product
  • Product/restaurant/hotel/tour reviews
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Social media promotion
  • Press/FAM trips
  • Sponsored travel
  • TV, radio and podcast appearances
  • Banner advertising
  • The list goes on!

If you would like to work with me then please send me an email at outlining your ideas!

Brand Testimony

Highly recommend!! Completed the work on time, super friendly & a pleasure to work with, thank you Dani!‘ Rebecca Twiggie, Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles

There are tourists who simply write blogs, and writers who do blogging. You are in this second category. I have to admit: you are an excellent writer. I don’t know if you did before but you should write a book. We have been featured in tens of articles and posts including The Guardian, Foodism, National Geographic – you stand out. I’m not telling this because you did a great promotion. I mean it. And you have a gift for listening. I see you as an investigative journalist.‘ Marco Romeo, Streaty

Dani really captured the essence of what we believe in as a company in her articles. An excellent writer with a following and a unique perspective which I believe many will appreciate.‘ Daniel Escriba Cuevas, Valtournative

It looks great!! You really get what Tramuntia is all about. Thanks!!‘ Alex, Tramuntia

Reader Comments

Because of this blog, we made plans last year for my wife and I to visit Barga this year. We leave Thursday for 10 days of doing nothing but being in Barga.’ Greg

I read this a few years ago and I decided that it was one of the top places on my list of “Where I want to live when I leave the military.” My wife and I travelled from Alicante all the way up the coast looking at houses to buy and finally, we arrived in Oliva. Fell in love with it at first sight. […] We finally completed on (our house) in March this year, the day before the lockdown. It was down to the pictures and your eloquent description of the area that initially piqued my interest so, in part, we have you to thank for finally being able to realise our dream and buying on San Roc Square.’ Adam

Thank you so much for this post and knowing I can actually afford to purchase property there however simple and humble it is… the weather, food, people and culture….cannot wait to get over there and explore, but until then your blog and posts will have to suffice.’ Nicola

Just wanted to say that I’m loving your Poland posts. I’m going to Wroclaw for a long weekend in a few weeks and I’ve been trawling through your must do/see lists. I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of it, but after Googling and looking through your posts it looks really nice, I’m excited!‘ Catherine

Saw your blog and since then been reading about Poland, and guess what…. I’m going to Poland with some mates! Can’t wait.‘ Antony, UK

My girlfriend and I are on Koh Rong at the moment and have been using your guide quite a lot! We went on Adam’s adventures and had a blast. […] Thanks for the guide.’ Charlie

So much better than the bog standard blog from someone who arrives in a taxi and is an expert on Barga in 2 or 3 hours . Very accurate, especially the restaurant reviews. I’m enjoying reading your other travel blogs too and they will help me with planned future trips.’ Steve

I just came back from a month vacation to Barga and read your article before I left so I was excited to try the new restaurants. I ate at Elisa several times and LOVED the food.‘ Vicky

Past Partnerships

Sicily Campaign (tourism board)

Things to Do in Western Sicily
Best Things to Do in Trapani, Sicily
Palermo Street Food – Not for the Fainthearted!
Militello in Val di Catania | Sicily Off the Beaten Path
Drinking Etna Wine at a Family Winery in Sicily
Guide to Erice
Favignana Island, Italy’s Best Kept Secret

Rome Campaign With Jet2

Rome in 3 Days: The Perfect Rome Itinerary
Food of Rome: What to Eat in Rome
Rome in Winter: A Guide to Rome in the Off-Season

Greece Campaign (tourism board)

Most Beautiful Places in the Peloponnese, Greece
Best Things to Do in Kalamata, Greece
Olive Groves in Greece

Horwood House Campaign (PR)

Horwood House Review – A Milton Keynes Spa Hotel

Sri Lanka Campaign (tourism board)

Is Sri Lanka Safe?
18 Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka
Best Luxury Hotels in Sri Lanka

Nomad Festival Reviews

Nomad Fest Switzerland Review
Bansko Nomad Fest Review

Valtournative Campaigns (Valencia tour company)

Utiel-Requena – Exploring Valencia’s Largest Wine Region
Albarracin, Teruel – The Prettiest Village in Spain
Spain Off the Beaten Path – The Forgotten Kingdom of Teruel
Visiting El Pou Clar & the Moorish Caves of Bocairent
Exploring Montanejos – Thermal Springs, Bull’s Tails & Waterfalls in Valencia

Mallorca Campaign (tourism board)

Discovering Mallorcan Wine at Vins Nadal, Binissalem
The Perfect Vegan Wellness Retreat in Mallorca
Mallorcan Food and Wine in a 16th Century Windmill

Andalucia Campaign (tourism board)

Ubeda and Baeza, The Renaissance Cities of Andalucia
Is Marbella Worth Visiting?
Guide to Jaen
Things to Do in Ronda
Things to Do in Nerja

Czechia Campaign (tourism board

Things to Do in Brno
Things to Do in Olomouc
Czech Food You Have to Try


12 Manchester Northern Quarter Restaurants to Suit Every Taste
How to Host the Perfect Italian Aperitivo Party at Home
Discovering Valencia Old Town With Secret City Trails
Teddy Eva Scents Review

If you are from a tourism board, travel company or similar, please don’t hesitate to contact me at to see how Travelling Jezebel can help promote your business!

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