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5 Best Brunch Cafes and Coffee Shops in Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is famous for being a beach town, a place where hippies and surfers flock to spend their days catching waves and doing yoga on the beach, but it also happens to be home to a thriving café culture, where brunch lovers and caffeine addicts can be found, regardless of how hot it is outside.

Coffee shops in Lagos are not only reasonably priced, but they are all very aesthetic, serve great quality coffee, and are (mostly) laptop-friendly.

I had a lot of work to catch up on when I visited Lagos after a hectic week in Albufeira, and so I spent most of my time there getting acquainted with the Lagos coffee scene and eating my weight in avocado toast.

After discovering some really fantastic cafes in Lagos, I decided to put together this article about my favourite coffee shops in Lagos (not forgetting brunch, of course).

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Best Speciality Coffee Shops and Brunch Cafes in Lagos, Portugal

What is a speciality coffee shop?

In Portugal, speciality coffee shops are on the rise, where having a curated aesthetic is almost as important as the coffee itself.

Speciality coffee shops are the kind of place you may refer to as ‘Instagrammable,’ and they almost always serve brunch (and maybe even cocktails) in addition to the usual sweet pastries you’d find in a regular Portuguese coffee shop.

Speciality coffee, which is obviously the kind sold at these coffee shops, is excellent quality coffee served in ways you wouldn’t ordinarily make it at home (like a flat white or a cortado, for example).

Most of the coffee shops in Lagos that I visited could be considered ‘speciality’ coffee shops, with hipster vibes, pastel colours, and more avocado/toast combinations than you’ll know what to do with.

twin fin coffee shop in lagos
Twin Fin coffee shop in Lagos

In larger Portuguese cities, speciality coffee shops cater to tourists and young urbanites, but in small beach towns like Lagos, they attract digital nomads, local hipsters, and surfers taking a break from the water.

I wrote more about coffee in Portugal in my article about Portuguese coffee culture, if you’re interested!

5 Best Coffee Shops and Brunch Cafes in Lagos

Twin Fin Lagos

With an abundance of plants, wicker chairs, and a huge surfboard hanging up behind the bar, Twin Fin Lagos gets the chill surf vibe down.

As it was cooler while I was in Lagos (I visited Lagos in October), I skipped their ice frappe in favour of a cappuccino (2.70 EUR), and enjoyed it while working on one of the large shared tables with my laptop.

Not only were the staff in Twin Fin really friendly, but it also had a great laid back vibe, and it’s definitely somewhere I can see myself working throughout the afternoon before closing my laptop and ordering an Aperol Spritz (8 EUR) to get the evening going.

twin fin coffee shop lagos
Chill vibes in Twin Fin Lagos

In terms of food offerings, Twin Fin is a great place to get brunch in Lagos.

They are known for their waffles – my friend ordered the ‘breakfast waffle’ (8.50) with spinach, mushroom, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and parmesan, and he said that it was the best brunch he’d had in ages.

After a recommendation from another friend, however, I opted for the avocado and halloumi toast with cherry tomatoes and dukkah (8.95 EUR), and it really hit the spot.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you may prefer the banana waffle with caramel praline, walnut, and chocolate sauce (7.50 EUR) or the ‘choc peanut butter bliss’ bowl (7.50 EUR) which also sounds interesting.

halloumi toast
Avocado and halloumi toast in Twin Fin

Good to know:

Twin Fin address: R. Gil Vicente 36, 8600-596.

Twin Fin opening hours: 8:30am until 3pm, and then again from 6:30pm until 12am.

Twin Fin is on Instagram. At the time of writing, they were closed for the Christmas holidays, so this is the best place to check if they’re open.

Vegan-friendly? Yes, Twin Fin has two vegan options on the brunch menu (banana bread or a ‘strawberry heaven’ bowl) and several vegetarian options. Coffees can be made with non-dairy milk.

coffee in twin fin lagos
Coffee in Twin Fin

Goji Lounge Café

Okay, so not that I have a favourite Lagos brunch café (ahem), but if I did, it would definitely be Goji Lounge; I went here at least 4 times during my short stay in Lagos!

The food here is amazing, the cheapest I found for the quality, and served in generous portions – this may be the only café I’ve ever been to that isn’t stingy on the avocado!

Brunch dishes I recommend are the ‘Big S Toast’ (8 EUR) with smashed avocado, smoked salmon, poached egg, seeds, and walnut, the ‘Shroomy Toast’ (7.80 EUR) with avocado, spinach, mushrooms, poached egg, parmesan, and seeds, and the ‘Chicken Pesto’ (7 EUR) with chicken, tomato, pesto and mayonnaise, with melted cheese on the top.

smoked salmon and poached egg on toast
Avocado, smoked salmon, and poached egg on toast

Seriously, I’m almost drooling thinking back to these dishes!

If the open toasts don’t take your fancy, Goji Lounge Cafe also have a range of sweet and savoury pancakes, acai and buddha bowls, and couscous dishes.

As far as coffee goes, they serve all the speciality coffee you’d expect, ranging from 1.50 EUR (espresso) to 3.20 EUR (hazelnut, caramel, or white chocolate coffee), as well as herbal teas for 2 EUR.

mushrooms on toast
‘Shroomy toast’

Good to know:

Goji Lounge Café address: R. Marreiros Netto 61, 8600-315.

Goji Lounge Café opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays. Open every other day from 9:00am until 5:30pm.

Goji Lounge Café only accepts cash.

Goji Lounge is perfect for sunny days as they have a large terrace area, but the inside is tiny, so you may struggle to get a seat when the weather is cooler.

Vegan-friendly? Yes, Goji Lounge have several vegetarian options, as well as a few vegan dishes. Vegan dishes include a buddha bowl with sauteed veggies, hummus, and beetroot dip (amongst other things), an open sandwich with beetroot paste, avocado, walnuts, and other veggies, pancakes with fruit and jam, and an acai bowl.

grilled cheese on toast
Chicken and grilled cheese

Black and White

Black and White is one of the newest coffee shops in Lagos, and if the queues outside the door are anything to go by, it’s well-deserving of its place on this list!

One of my favourite things about Black and White is that the central tables are reserved for people eating or meeting friends, while the laptop crowd can sit on the higher stools by the windows. This is great because I was able to work on my laptop without worrying that I was in the way.

The coffee here is amazing – the perfect mix of strong and creamy – and the design is sleek and minimal.

As far as food options, Black and White serve brunch all day (yay!), with highlights including a breakfast burrito (9 EUR) with a hash brown inside, Eton Mess pancakes (9.50 EUR), and a roasted veg bowl (12 EUR) with turmeric cauliflower, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot hummus, red quinoa, and more.

A cappuccino in Black and White

Good to know:

Black and White Lagos address: R. Marreiros Netto 40, 8600-754.

Black and White Lagos opening hours: Open every day between 8am and 4pm. The kitchen closes at 3pm.

Vegan-friendly? Yes. If you prefer non-dairy milk, you can switch to oat milk for 50c. The menu is mostly vegetarian (with options to add things like streaky bacon and smoked salmon for an extra cost), and there are several vegan options. Vegan dishes include avocado on toast, an acai bowl, mushrooms on toast, and the roasted veg bowl.

Coffee & Waves

Unfortunately, I never made it to Coffee & Waves BUT, my friend Han from Han Meets World, who I was in Lagos with, did make it here, and so I asked her for her verdict.

Here’s what she had to say:

‘While it is possible to remote work from Coffee & Waves if you sit at the bar, I would have other options ready as a back up in case they are taken, or maybe save this spot for a coffee meeting! Coffee & Waves seems to be a favourite hang out for both locals and visitors as it gets busy very quickly in the morning. A central location with a calm vibe, I’d definitely recommend coming here first thing for a coffee and their yummy peanut butter and banana toast!’

Curious, I decided to have a peep at their menu to see what other brunch options Coffee & Waves had to offer, and it made me even more disappointed that I missed out!

They have an extensive coffee list, including a daily brew, V60 filter coffee, coffee lemonade (?!), and other favourites like vanilla chai lattes, matcha lattes, and kombucha.

Food includes loaded avocado toasties, marmite and cheddar on toast, and caprese toasties, as well as smoothies and acai bowls.

coffee shop in lagos
Coffee & Waves, Lagos

Good to know:

Coffee & Waves Lagos address: Tv. do Cotovelo 10, 8600-631.

Coffee & Waves opening times: According to their Instagram, they don’t open when the surf is good, so your best bet is to send them a message or just turn up and hope for the best!

Vegan-friendly? Yes, alternative milks include oat, almond, and Minor Figures, and all of the smoothies are vegan. Vegan food options include a peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup toastie, or the loaded avocado toastie (made vegan on request).

The Studio: Coffee Roaster & Brunch Café Lagos

If you’re looking for a coffee shop in Lagos where you can work, The Studio is by far your best bet.

It’s super welcoming to laptop users – there’s a whole coworking table here!

However, laptops aside, The Studio does coffee and it does it well.

They roast their own coffee here, experimenting with their roasts in a bid to change lives through their coffee (literally – that’s what they say on their website!). If you enjoy your coffee here, you can buy some to take home with you!

In addition to their coffee, The Studio also serve vegan cakes, coffee-based cocktails, craft beers, and all-day brunch (seriously, brunch in Lagos is not hard to find!).

Brunch dishes here include smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast (8 EUR), piri piri tuna melt (7.50), as well as scrambled eggs on toast with red pepper and piri piri (7 EUR).

coworking cafe in lagos
The Studio is a great place to work

Good to know:

The Studio Lagos address: R. Soeiro da Costa 20, 8600-624.

The Studio opening hours: The Studio is open every day between 8:00am and 5pm.

Vegan-friendly? Yes! All of the homemade cakes are vegan, as well as many options from the menu, including a grilled jackfruit melt (8.50 EUR), coconut carrot soup (7.50 EUR), and a power bowl (8 EUR) with quinoa, spicy sweet potato, avocado, and chick peas. They also have several veggie options which can be made vegan on request.

Bonus – More Coffee Shops in Lagos!

So, this almost brings us to the end of my round-up of the best brunch spots and coffee shops in Lagos.

I always like to write from personal experience, and so I didn’t want to include any cafes that I didn’t visit myself (aside from the one that my lovely friend Han visited for me!).

However, there are a few more well-loved Lagos coffee shops that I’m going to include in this section as a bonus, because I’ve heard great things about them.

Here goes.

Indigo Bar: Cute bar and coffee shop with a very Instagrammable roof terrace. I came here for a beer (so can’t comment on the coffee or the food), but it was a very cute place with a nice interior and friendly staff.

Sweet & Temptation: A large brunch menu with slightly lower prices than the other places on this list (and an entire section devoted to croissants). Outdoor terrace.

Abigail’s Café: Vegetarian brunch café and coffee shop in Lagos with a completely homemade menu (every cake, jam, falafel ball and dressing is homemade with locally-sourced ingredients).

London Tiger Coffee: Expertly-roasted coffee, homemade cakes, and a wide range of alcoholic drinks to boot, London Tiger Coffee is cosy, boho, and a great place to meet friends. London Tiger Coffee have a no laptop policy.

Coffee Shops in Lagos | Final Thoughts

So, that just about brings us to the end! I hope I haven’t made you too hungry – I’ve had two coffees and a slice of cake while writing this!

Lagos coffee shops and brunch cafes really impressed me (much better than Albufeira’s café scene), especially considering how small Lagos is.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but if you have any questions then please reach out and ask in the comments section below!

Until next time,


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