Travelling Jezebel is on the Itchy Feet Podcast!

Okay, okay – I know that I promised to get my arse back into gear again and be a more consistent blogger in my last post anddddd…went MIA again.

The reason for this is that I have been working incredibly hard on a new business venture, which has been taking up my every waking moment. It’s getting to the point where I’m having to wear sunglasses to look at my computer screen because my eyes physically cannot take anymore 12h screen days.

HOWEVER, I do hope to launch said business soon and I know that when I do, I’ll have a lot more time on my hands to be able to blog again. Not only that, but another lockdown in Italy seems inevitable at this point so I’ll literally have nothing else to do with my time – hah.

Anyway, while I haven’t had the time to actually write any posts, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak as a guest on the Itchy Feet Podcast.

Itchy Feet is run by Aaron Cooper over at Nomad Coops (a travel blog that I absolutely love reading due to the fact that Aaron is one of the most talented writers I know).

I met Aaron around 4 years ago on the island of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, where he was volunteering at a beach bar and I was backpacking. We hung out quite a bit (mainly because he was quite taken with one of my gal pals, haha), and exchanged contact details before continuing our travel journeys separately.

koh phi phi
Aaron is in the vest and I am as far away from him as I can be without being a boy.

In Aaron’s own words, the Itchy Feet podcast is ‘A community of travellers with a thirst for adventure come together to trade tips and tales from around the world, aiming to make life easier for you as you prepare to hit the road or trigger some nostalgia from your own journey in the past.’

Every episode centres around a different country, usually somewhere off the beaten track, and Aaron interviews someone who has spent an extended period of time there.

In my episode, we talked about my favourite country in the world, ALBANIA, and I had so much fun telling Aaron all about this magical country and sharing some of my favourite travel stories.

If you want to listen to me speaking on Itchy Feet then you can just click right here to be taken to the episode!

Massive thanks to Aaron for having me on the show, and I hope that you guys enjoy listening to the show as much as I enjoyed being on it!

Did you enjoy my appearance on itchy feet? let me know in the comments section below!


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1 thought on “Travelling Jezebel is on the Itchy Feet Podcast!”

  1. “…12h screen days”
    Wow! Those shops sure are more work than they seem.
    Maybe, you can tell us in a blog what you do with all the time online for the shops? I am fascinated by it.

    Palermo last few days of freedom sure looks good! All cafe tables have been taken away in Dublin. I took an umbrella and several layers of clothes with me last time I went out for a coffee. Sitting on a bench near cafe drinking take out coffee in my huge coat and umbrella with drug addicts asking me for money and sea guls pooing on my umbrella sure was not the cafe culture experience I know and love.

    I think, I will go check out aaron’s blog for more armchair travelling. This is the first November I have not been backpacking, in five years. We are allowed to go no further than 5 KM from our homes for this entire month. This time last year, I had landed in Ethiopia.

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