The Perfect Package Holiday in Antalya (Jet2holidays Review)

Readers of this blog will know that I love independent travel to places that can be considered ‘hidden gems.’

Up until recently, I’d been on a couple of package holidays as a child, but never as an adult, and so when Jet2holidays reached out and asked me if I’d like to experience a package holiday in Antalya, I was intrigued.

What does an Antalya package holiday look like?

Will it be really tacky, or will it change my perception of package holidays?

I decided to find out.

I accepted their invitation, and before I knew it, I was boarding a flight to Antalya for a 4-night stay at the Titanic Deluxe Golf Hotel in Belek.

dani and her friends taking a selfie in manchester airport
The crew!
Photo by Campbell at highlands2hammocks

In this post, I’ll be providing an in-depth Jet2holidays review. I’ll talk about whether the hotel lived up to expectations, what’s included in a Jet2holidays package holiday, and whether or not this independent traveller is a convert to the quintessential package holiday.

Let’s get into it.

The Perfect Package Holiday in Antalya (Jet2holidays Review)

The Jet2holidays Experience

One of the main reasons people opt for package holidays is that they make everything so easy.

You don’t have to worry about planning everything, as it’s all done for you!

This was absolutely the case with my package holiday in Antalya, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I wasn’t even remotely stressed in the days leading up to my trip!

jet2 plane
Off we go!

When you book flights to Antalya with Jet2, you get a 22kg baggage allowance as standard, as well as a 10kg cabin bag and personal item that fits under the seat in front of you.

That’s a lot of luggage allowance for a 4-day trip, and as someone who is used to flying hand luggage only, I loved being able to pack all of the liquids I needed without having to worry!

Onboard, the staff were all super friendly (way friendlier than the staff on other budget airlines), and they even let us venture into the cockpit when the plane landed to pretend we were pilots!

dani sitting in the cockpit of a plane
Making my childhood dreams come true

As far as food and drink go, the Jet2 inflight menu is very affordable – I got a Pot Noodle, chicken sandwich, and a drink for just over £10. I also like the fact that you can get Starbucks coffee onboard for £3.

Although the flight to Antalya was 4.5 hours, the flight went really quickly, and before we knew it, we’d arrived!

antalya airport
Arriving in Antalya!

The journey from Antalya airport to Belek is about half an hour, and all Jet2holidays include hotel transfers in the price (although these may take slightly longer, if the bus is going to multiple hotels).

Our hotel actually offered a free express transfer (less drop-offs, resulting in a faster transfer time), but my group and I had a private driver for the week, so we got there even faster! However, knowing that the express transfer is available and included in the price is definitely something I’ll bear in mind for future trips.

If you wanted more flexibility, you could also hire a car. This is a good idea if you plan on doing day trips around the area like we did.

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The Hotel

There are A LOT of hotels to choose from on the Jet2holidays website, all offering different things, depending on your travel style.

We stayed at the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek, which is part of Jet2holidays’ Luxe Collection.

As soon as we stepped into the expansive lobby, I knew that this hotel was going to be seriously impressive.

After being greeted with freshly-made lemon juice and Turkish Delight, we were led to a quiet seating area where we sunk into armchairs and filled out the check-in forms.

(Sidenote: for a full, in-depth review of the hotel, you can check out my hotel review here).

turkish delight
Turkish delight was waiting for us in the lobby

We provided our telephone numbers to Fatema, who was part of the Guest Relations team and our dedicated assistant for the trip. Fatema created a Whatsapp group where we would be able to reach her (or her colleague) 24/7. Through Fatema, we could book restaurants, arrange spa treatments, report any problems, and ask questions.

It was great having a direct line to Fatema at all times, and this service really cemented the Titanic Deluxe as a cut above the rest in the luxury hotel world.

My room at the hotel had two balconies, a comfy seating area, a welcome banquet of Turkish desserts, fruit, and wine (!), pool views, and a seriously comfortable bed.

In the bathroom, I found shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, and shaving cream – I couldn’t have asked for more!

titanic deluxe golf hotel belek
My room at the hotel
fruit and turkish desserts
What was waiting for me in the hotel room
swimming pool
The view from my balcony

The Facilities

One of the most important things to consider when searching for package holidays to Antalya are the facilities that your hotel offers.

Often, people go for package holidays because they don’t want to leave the resort – they just want to relax and make the most of the hotel!

If you’re one of those people, the Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek is perfect.

I spent 4 nights here and I still only scratched the surface with this hotel. In fact, you could probably spend a month here and not discover everything!

Some of the facilities that our hotel offered included:

  • One of the largest spas in Antalya
  • Gym
  • 36-hole golf course
  • Private beach
  • 10 swimming pools
  • 13 bars
  • Aquapark
  • Horse riding
  • Tini Kids Club
  • Various sports areas
  • Bowling
  • Games room

My friends and I used a rainy day (we visited Antalya in February) to take full advantage of the spa, and I loved getting a takeout coffee in the morning and enjoying a nice riverside walk to the beach before taking the free boat taxi back to the hotel.

The games room also had everything from arcade games to pinball, ping pong, and table football. This was often the busiest part of the hotel, with lots of families choosing to spend their evenings here.

coffee in a takeaway cup
Coffee and a stroll
a boat on the river
The taxi boat to the hotel
a brown horse
A horse I found on my walk!

The Vibe

As someone who:

A) Doesn’t do package holidays and
B) Doesn’t have (nor particularly like) children

I was a bit apprehensive about a trip like this.

Would I be surrounded by screaming children or obnoxious Brits abroad?

Surprisingly, the answer turned out to be no.

While there were definitely a lot of families (mainly Turkish) staying at the hotel, the games centre and ample activities for kids kept them occupied.

3 girls playing an arcade
Our group loved the basketball!

As well as families, the hotel guests were mostly groups of men on golfing trips, and people who were at the hotel for a business conference.

A nightcap in the Irish pub

Presumably, the hotel will be a lot more family-orientated in the summer months, when the kids are off school and more of the activities are available (some things, such as the Aquapark, are not open during the low season).

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My Package Holiday in Antalya | Cost Breakdown

As I visited Antalya as a guest of Jet2, I didn’t have to pay for the trip, but I did do some research before I went to see if I thought the trip would be worth it if I was paying (I never like to recommend things that I don’t think are worth the money).

Prices vary depending on when you go, but the lowest prices I could find were £716 PP. These prices are based on 2 adults sharing a room for 4 nights.

Personally, I think that this is a steal, and here’s why.

What’s included:

  • Return flights
  • 22kg baggage
  • 10kg cabin bag and personal item
  • Coach transfers to/from the hotel
  • All Inclusive Plus (see next section)
  • Standard room (you can upgrade to the room that I had for an extra £58 PP)
  • Free travel for infants under 24 months

Normally, flights alone can reach £200 (especially if you’re adding baggage), so when you think about it, you’re really only paying about £100 per day for a 5-star hotel with a premium food and drink package!

an empty restautant
The main buffet restaurant

All Inclusive Plus

All Antalya holiday packages will vary based on which hotel you’re staying in, but we stayed at the Titanic Deluxe on an ‘All Inclusive Plus’ package, which is just as fabulous as it sounds!

Unlike many ‘all inclusive’ deals, where you are restricted to bottom shelf spirits, filter coffee, and ‘cocktails’ that are basically juice, the All Inclusive Plus package does not scrimp on quality.

Not only does it include a buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant, but you can also enjoy one dinner at an à la carte restaurant during your stay.

a greek restaurant
One of the à la carte restaurants

The mini-bar, which is refilled daily, is also included, and you can go to any of the 13 onsite bars and order whatever you want for free.

This could mean a herbal tea at the Turkish tea room, an ice cream or cake at the patisserie, cocktails at the lobby bar, or a pint of Guinness in the Irish pub.

As someone who is usually on a tight budget, I loved the freedom of being able to order whatever I wanted without having to overthink it or ask for the price.

From pre-dinner cocktails to shots in the nightclub, everything was covered.

pornstar martini
Don’t mind if I do!

What’s not included?

While I certainly think that you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, there are certain things that are not included in the price of holidays to Turkey (Türkiye) with Jet2holidays, I wanted to share them here.

Below are the things that are not included in your package holiday:

  • In-flight meals
  • Holiday insurance
  • Hotel extras e.g. massage, à la carte dining, room service
  • Excess baggage or sporting equipment
  • Private transfer to hotel
dani wearing a white bath robe and smiling
Getting ready for the spa. The facilities were free of charge, but treatments were not.

My Package Holiday in Antalya, Türkiye | Final Thoughts

After a pretty hectic start to the year, my package holiday to Antalya was exactly what I needed.

Not having to think about anything besides which spa facilities to use or what cocktail I wanted was amazing, and while these types of holidays are not my usual travel style, I can certainly see the appeal.

titanic deluxe belek
I could get used to this!

Not only is everything you could ever dream of right there in the hotel, but once you’ve made the initial booking, you don’t have to stress about organising anything else because it’s all sorted!

This trip to Türkiye was the third time I’ve travelled with Jet2 (I previously took Jet2CityBreaks trips to Rome and Athens), and yet again, the value for money blew me away.

So, am I a package holiday convert?

Not entirely.

I can certainly see the appeal, and this trip has definitely shown me that I can enjoy package holidays, but I also crave the excitement that comes with backpacking the road less travelled.

I think for me, package holidays will be an occasional treat that I can look forward to when I need a break from some of the more adventurous travel that I do!

That’s all I’ve got for today, but as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below!

Until next time,


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