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Food Montenegro

9 Best Cheap Eats in Kotor, Montenegro

At first glance, Kotor doesn’t seem to be a place brimming with budget-friendly options when eating out. Most restaurants are more or less the same, with a selection of expensive seafood dishes and not a whole lot else, and…

the cosy club
Food UK

Luxury Comfort Food at The Cosy Club Manchester

One of my favourite pastimes is checking out new restaurants. I absolutely love eating out, and probably do so more than I eat at home (don’t judge). You can imagine my excitement, then, when I got my hands on…

Canadian big fry
Food UK

Comfort Food at The Canadian Big Fry

The Canadian Big Fry’sΒ slogan is “Our fries are worth the drive to Castleton!” and though it’s a pretty bold claim, they just might be right. Located about 20 minutes outside of Manchester city centre, and a two-minute walk away…