Femme Luxe Finery Review | Is Femme Luxe Legit?

I am not a fashion blogger. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that the for vast majority of the year, I live out of a backpack and wear the same outfits in pretty much every single post.

Of course, part of the reason why I don’t buy many clothes is practical – as I said, I live out of a backpack, and when I’m on the road, my entire life has to be condensed into a 60L bag.

However, I can’t blame travel completely. I’ve never been particularly ‘fashionable,’ whether that comes to keeping up with the latest trends or having an eye for things that will look great together.

That said, I do put clothes on my body every day. I live in clothes. I’m wearing clothes right now.

So then, when online fashion retailer Femme Luxe Finery sent me an email asking me whether I’d like to choose a bunch of items for free in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance. That’s when you know you’re a real blogger isn’t it?

So then, I know you’re all DYING to see pics of me in all my sexy new clothes, so let’s just get right into it!

femme luxe finery review
What’s more fun than playing dress-up? Playing dress-up with wigs!

My Femme Luxe Finery Review | Am I a Fashion Blogger Now?!

Femme Luxe Review – Style

I definitely have a ‘quirkier’ sense of fashion, to put it politely. I love fishnets, lime green, mesh tops, chokers and PVC. If something is neon yellow faux snakeskin, I’m in.

Before I visited the Femme Luxe Finery website then, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find anything I liked.

At first glance, I saw a lot of loungewear, party dresses and knitwear, none of which are very ‘me.’

However, it didn’t take long for me to find some items that were definitely more up my street (you’ll see them all in just a minute!) and overall, I’d say that most gals will be able to find something that they like on Femme Luxe Finery.

I do want to point out that the largest size I saw was a UK size 16, with many items only going up to a 14, and considering that the average women’s dress size in the UK is a 16, I was surprised to see this.

The items that I chose were:

Black One Shoulder Crop Top Loungewear Set – Masey
Black ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Oversized T-Shirt – Ellie
Black ‘Basic’ Slogan Print Crop Top – Emmy
Black PU High Neck Mini Dress – Alice

The Delivery Process

Immediately after I placed my order, I received a text from Femme Luxe with my order number, and an email telling me to expect the product within 2-6 working days.

The following day I received another text saying that my order had been shipped, along with a tracking number. I also received texts from the courier, Royal Mail, telling me exactly when my parcel would arrive (just 2 days after I’d ordered!).

All of the items arrived together, and all were individually packaged inside one main parcel.

Delivery was free.

Quality and Sizing

The quality of Femme Luxe Finery is much better than what I expected. One thing I will say is that a couple of items were slightly on the transparent side, but for the prices, I really can’t complain. As the items are new, I can’t vouch for their durability, but the quality seems pretty good so far – I will go into more detail about the individual items below!

As for the sizing, I had read online that it runs a little small, but I didn’t find that. I am a UK size 10, and the items I chose fit perfectly, if not even a little on the big side!

I was a little worried because for some, I had to choose between size 8-10 and size 12-14, but the smaller size fit me absolutely fine.

Femme Luxe Finery Clothes!

Black One Shoulder Crop Top Loungewear Set – Masey

femme luxe finery
femme luxe review

Honestly, the idea of lounging around in the house in a one shoulder crop top doesn’t appeal to me – I’m much more of a huge t-shirt kinda gal – BUT, there was method in my madness when I ordered this.

I figured that it wouldn’t do me any harm to have a new pair of trusty black leggings, and the top would also look nice paired with one of the 576 high-waisted shorts that I own.

And do you know what? I was right!

I loved the top. It fit perfectly, and the material was super comfy.

The leggings were decent quality, but not as high-waisted as I was expecting (the description said that they were high-waisted). But you know, it probably isn’t the leggings’ fault – there is a definite possibility that I’m just slightly too fat.

femme luxe review
femme luxe review

As for the outfit as a whole, it may technically be loungewear, but I’d definitely wear this out and about. I paired it with a chunky leopard print hair band which looked great, and I think with some chunky heels and earrings, it would really scrub up well!

Note that the black strap is my own bra strap – the top is completely one shoulder.

If you like my brunette wig then you can get it from Amazon for £10.99!

Check it out for yourself: Black One Shoulder Crop Top Loungewear Set – Masey, size S/M, £15.99, reduced from £35.98

Black ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Oversized T-Shirt – Ellie

femme luxe review
femme luxe finery review

This was definitely my favourite of the bunch, and I can see myself wearing this ALL THE DAMN TIME. As soon as I saw the ‘Baby Girl’ slogan, I knew that this shirt was for me, because I do love to channel my inner Baby Girl Lisa every once in a while (if you don’t get the reference then you need to get watching 90 Day Finance: Before the 90 Days IMMEDIATELY).

The material is SUPER SUPER SOFT, the lettering looks great, and this shirt would go with just about anything.

femme luxe review
femme luxe finery review

As you can see, I paired it with a simple black denim skirt and beanie hat when trying it on, and then when I wore it to the pub I added some fishnet holdups and leopard print platform trainers. I looked like a treat, if I do say so myself.

If you like the silver wig then you can buy it on Amazon for £8.99!

Check it out for yourself: Black ‘Baby Girl’ Slogan Print Oversized T-Shirt – Ellie, size L (12-14), £8.99 reduced from £17.98

Black ‘Basic’ Slogan Print Crop Top – Emmy

femme luxe finery review

I really really liked this top. Crop tops and shorts are pretty much what I live in, and I loved the ‘basic’ slogan because slogans tees are basic and if I’m anything, it’s self-aware.

As with the other t-shirt, the material was super soft and comfy, and I liked that it isn’t too cropped.

One slight negative is that, as you can see from the picture below, the material was slightly transparent in certain lights. All in all though, I’m impressed, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this.

The pastel pink wig from the first picture is from Amazon and costs £65.14.

femme luxe finery review
femme luxe finery review

Check it out for yourself: Black ‘Basic’ Slogan Print Crop Top – Emmy, size S/M, £6.99 reduced from £13.98

Black PU High Neck Mini Dress – Alice

femme luxe finery
femme luxe review

It is a well-known fact that all men have a fetish for shiny clothing. They take after magpies.

Due to my constant need for attention then, I own a hell of a lot of PVC and I can be very fussy when it comes to my big bag clothes (as my boyfriend calls them), so I was a bit worried about what the quality of this would be like – I’ve been burned by Amazon PVC too many times.

I was pleasantly surprised by this dress. The mesh sleeves and top were stretchy and comfortable, and the PU faux leather was super shiny and definitely worthy of any Dominatrix’s wardrobe.

I probably should’ve ordered a size 8 as the 10 was a little baggy, but that’s on me.

I’d definitely recommend this dress.

femme luxe finery review
femme luxe finery review

Check it out for yourself: Black PU High Neck Mini Dress – Alice, size 10, £16.99 reduced from £43.98

Femme Luxe Finery Review | Final Thoughts…

I am really happy with all of my clothes from Femme Luxe Finery! I received them within 2 days of ordering them, everything fit perfectly (near enough anyway!), and they are all super affordable, especially at the reduced prices.

At the time of writing, pretty much everything on the website is reduced so if you want to snag some bargains, then now is definitely the time to shop!

Would I shop with Femme Luxe Finery again? ABSOLUTELY.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the clothes in exchange for an honest review. I was not obliged to say anything positive about Femme Luxe Finery, and all opinions expressed in this article are completely my own.



    They look great on you, but I don’t think they are my style.
    I generally go with either bohemian type travel clothes or else layers that can be added or subtracted depending on how warm it is.
    These days I only own 2 sets of clothes to keep life simple and minimilist because of my current lifestyle, so everytime I buy something I get rid of something it can be replaced with.

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