10 Reasons Why Moroccan Argan Oil is a Travel Essential

Moroccan argan oil is the perfect travel companion. 

Moroccan argan oil one of the most versatile products out there and has many health and beauty benefits. This means that for backpackers like me, our health and beauty needs can be catered to without having to lug around a million different products.

However, although there are almost endless benefits to argan oil, the vast majority of people I meet don’t know much about it.

What is Moroccan argan oil? 

Moroccan argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernals of the argan tree. In Morocco, it is traditionally used to dip bread into at breakfast time, and is also used as a cooking oil or drizzled on couscous.

Moroccan argan oil has actually benefited Moroccan society hugely, as the labour intensive nature of extracting it from the argan tree, mostly carried out by women’s co-operatives, has provided a steady income for many women in Morocco, which has helped to lift entire families out of poverty as well as elevating women’s status within the male-dominated society.


In recent years, the many benefits of argan oil have become widely recognised and people worldwide are catching onto the global phenomenon that is Moroccan argan oil.

With this in mind, I decided to do some research and find out exactly why people use Moroccan argan oil and what are some of its benefits.


10 Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil!

1.Moroccan argan oil can be used as a cooking oil or salad dressing

It may be slightly pricier than your sunflower oil, but don’t disregard it just yet. One major reason why you should buy argan oil is that ingesting argan oil has been proven to reduce cholesterol, reduce arthritis pains and can even reduce and prevent cardiovascular problems – not a bad addition to your evening meal! 


2. Argan oil makes your nails strong and healthy

Argan oil not only encourages nail growth but it also strengthens your nails, making brittle nails and painful breakages a thing of the past. My nails are weak from constantly wearing nail polishes and acrylic nails, but argan oil really revives them with minimal time and effort needed – simply rub it in!

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3. Argan oil eliminates scars

Argan oil is not only great for fading scars caused from injury, but it also helps with acne scars, stretch marks and other blemishes while keeping the skin lovely and moisturised.

4. Moroccan argan oil helps a myriad of skin conditions

Argan oil isn’t just great for superficial stuff like soft skin and fading stretch marks. It is also really great at soothing or even healing existing skin conditions that include, but are not limited to:
Chicken Pox;


5. Argan oil prevents wrinkles

Forget about all of all the latest face creams and anti-wrinkle treatments: one of the many benefits of argan oil is that it is great for the prevention of wrinkles! I use argan oil daily on my face in place of moisturiser, and contrary to what you may think, it doesn’t actually make your skin oily but it is great at treating and preventing spots while making your skin silky soft. It is essential when travelling to keep your skin nice and soft, and so this is another reason why agran oil is great for travel.

6. Moroccan argan oil is great for healthy hair

Argan oil doesn’t just make your hair look super shiny: it makes it strong,preventing breakage and split ends, encouraging growth, smoothing the hair for easy styling and even detangling better than most conditioners! When you travel, your hair is really put under stress. You’re exposed to scorching hot sunshine, salt water, and bitter winds and cold temperatures. It is more important than ever to make sure that you take care of your hair when you travel, and Moroccan argan oil is great for hair care. 


7. Moroccan argan oil is a pedicure essential!

Another thing that travel takes a toll on are your feet. Whether you’re hiking or just walking barefoot on the beach, your feet really get put through their paces when you travel and Moroccan argan oil is the perfect remedy for tired feet.

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Argan oil can provide feet with the TLC that they deserve as it is super nourishing for dry and cracked heels. Forget expensive treatments or tiny fish chomping away at your dead skin – just rub some argan oil into your feet, put on some comfy socks and relax!


8. Argan oil works as a great exfoliating lip scrub

Whenever I travel, my lips always suffer. Whether it’s harsh air-conditioning, or sun damage, I always end up with dry and chapped lips. However, instead of spending a fortune on high end beauty products, just adding to brown sugar to argan oil creates a scrumptious lip scrub and moisturiser – you can thank me later.

9. Argan oil enhances almost any makeup product

Although I use argan oil before I apply my make-up, it can also be mixed with your toner, foundation or bronzer to softly moisturise and cleanse your skin whilst providing a healthy, dewy look.


10. Moroccan argan oil creates a super soft shave

I use argan oil religiously when I’m shaving my legs (especially with the dreaded dry shave!). Oils in general are much better to shave with than shower gels or shaving foam, and argan oil is no exception. It doesn’t clog up the razor like thick foams do, and it leads to a smoother finish with less ingrown hairs. What’s more, you only need to use a tiny bit and so it lasts far longer than foams or gels.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about and buy some argan oil for yourself, just click right here!

Disclaimer: this page contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase then I might make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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