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18 Best Restaurants in Oliva Spain [2024 Update]

It may be a very small town, but there are a surprisingly large number of restaurants in Oliva that can make choosing where to eat a difficult decision.

From traditional Valencian paella and fideuá to fresh seafood, English Sunday Roasts (yes really!) and even Chinese food, there is certainly variety in Oliva’s restaurants, and so I’ve put together a list of the best ones to make sure that you don’t miss out if you’re visiting Oliva.

Oliva restaurants in a nutshell

Oliva is a very small town, meaning that pretty much all of the restaurants in Oliva are within walking distance of one another.

It is a little uphill in parts, but it is definitely manageable for most people.

Eating out in Oliva is not too expensive, especially if you go out for lunch – most restaurants on the promenade have a Menu del Dia for less than 10 EUR which includes 3 courses and a drink.

oliva restaurants
With my mum in El Pelut

A glass of wine in a bar will cost you around 1.70 EUR.

Oliva is home to lots of orange and tangerine plantations, as well as avocado, loquat, fig, banana, prickly pear and olive. Yum!

In Oliva’s restaurants you will find an abundance of Valencian paella, soup dishes with rice and seafood, baked chicken with bell peppers and potatoes, grilled fish, and – of course – lots and lots of Valencian oranges!

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best restaurants in Oliva!

The 18 Best Restaurants in Oliva, Spain

1. El Lloc Restaurant, Oliva

With a sleek, modern interior and a menu packed full of Mediterranean delights, El Lloc is definitely one of the best restaurants in Oliva and I personally have dined here many times!

Starters include grilled cuttlefish, Galician style octopus, beef carpaccio and steamed mussels, and their main dishes are split between a huge variety of pastas and pizzas, meat and fish dishes.

My recommendations include chicken breast with wild mushroom sauce, grilled T-bone steak and ravioli with mushroom, truffle and parmesan.

If you’re looking for mid-range restaurants Oliva, El Lloc is definitely a solid choice.

el llok oliva
Al dente ravioli with mushroom, truffle and parmesan

2. Bar Restaurant Colors Oliva

Colors is one of the most popular Oliva restaurants there is and is the place to go if you fancy a Menu del Dia in Oliva. At lunchtime it is always packed full of hungry locals, both old and young.

With hearty Valencian food, massive portions and a noisy, no frills atmosphere, you will get a true Spanish experience at Colors.

The menu changes every day but highlights include oven-baked chicken, arroz caldolso (rice in broth) with ribs and chickpeas, pork medallions with Roquefort sauce and lamb stew.

A three course meal with a drink and bread basket costs just 9 EUR at Colors Bar.

arroz caldoso
Arroz caldoso

3. Restaurante Pizzería La Rústica

La Rustica is a great Italian trattoria that cooks its pizzas in a proper wood oven.

It has an abundance of traditional Italian comfort food at very low prices, but the pizza is true Italian style and highly recommended.

4. Hamburgueseria Manb’ys

As the name would suggest, Hamburgueseria Manb’ys is a burger joint that the local Spaniards love.

With greasy delights including double beef burgers with fried eggs and bacon, cheesy bacon fries, breaded cheese and chicken wings, Manb’ys is guaranteed to be your next guilty pleasure.

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5. El Pelut

El Pelut is a great family-run restaurant in the heart of Oliva’s old town and is the place for great meat (think steaks, ribs and burgers with grilled veggies) and lots of seafood.

Dishes I recommend are the prawns and garlic, ribs with barbecue sauce and salmon with cheese sauce and bacon.

restaurants in oliva
Ribs in barbecue sauce with grilled veggies and potatoes

6. Kiko Port

Of all the restaurants in Oliva, Kiko Port is probably one of the most high end.

Located on the beach with a fiercely slick and modern interior, Kiko Port offers a range of traditional Spanish food including Paella Valenciana, arroz meloso (creamy rice with seafood) and fried seafood.

7. Mandala Oliva

Mandala is another beach restaurant, and if you go at lunchtime on a weekend when the sun is shining, you’ll be very lucky to get a table!

Specialising in pizzas with delicious toppings such as serrano ham, aspencat (grilled peppers and aubergines), truffle oil and mascarpone cheese, you will be sure to find something that tickles your pickle at Mandala.

8. Nou Celler Oliva

I have had the Menu del Dia at Nou Celler twice in Oliva and I highly recommend it.

A higher end alternative to Colors Bar, Nou Celler often puts a modern twist on traditional Spanish cuisine, and their food is always presented beautifully.

oliva restaurants
Seafood salad

The last time I visited I got a delicious seafood salad followed by honey-glazed ribs, and my mum ordered a yummy-looking spinach, feta and pine nut salad.

Other dishes on offer include tender duck breast, Secreto Iberico (a thin cut of meat from the Spanish black pig), creamed anchovies with parmesan and duck confit.

restaurants in oliva
My mum’s salad

9. L’Olivera

L’Olivera is another of the higher-end Oliva restaurants on this list, and is slightly more expensive than most of the other restaurants in Oliva.

You can enjoy your paella with duck and foie gras, paella with cauliflower, garlic and ribs or crayfish and monkfish, or opt for lamb skewers with couscous, sole fish with asparagus and baby potatoes, duck breast with apple and much more.

10. Asiatico Fortuna

There are two great Chinese restaurants in Oliva (the other one is Restaurante Chino Nuevo Hai Jing) but my personal favourite is this one because it has the best beef chow mein I’ve ever tasted, for just 4 EUR!

They also have a 6.50 EUR set menu which includes a starter (spring roll or Chinese salad) main and rice or noodles.

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant in Oliva, you really can’t go wrong with either Asiatico Fortuna or Restaurante Chino Nuevo Hai Jing (which does an excellent gom bao).

11. El Galano

Technically El Galano is a café and therefore not one of Oliva’s restaurants, but it is one of the best places to grab lunch in Oliva and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

With a range of salads including a crab and tuna pasta salad and quinoa salad with avocado and smoked salmon, hot options including oven-baked chicken and barbecue ribs and a huge range of cakes, pastries and sandwiches, there is something for everyone at El Galano.

oliva restaurants
Quinoa salad with salmon and avocado
restaurants in oliva
Seafood pasta salad

12. Café Oliva

Although I have yet to try a Sunday Roast here (although they do come well recommended!), Cafe Oliva do a great half chicken with chips for less than 10 EUR, and it’s also my favourite breakfast spot in Oliva.

For just 2.50 EUR you can get an egg and bacon sandwich on your bread of choice and IT IS DELICIOUS. They also do Full English breakfasts.

13. Ca Fran

Another fancier option of the Oliva Spain restaurants, Ca Fran prides itself on having both traditional Valencian cuisine as well as global flavours such as French oysters and wasabi.

Dishes include baked octopus, carpaccio of prawns from Dénia and red tuna tataki with seaweed salad.

14. Moby Dick

Moby Dick is another beachside restaurant in Oliva with a great Menu del Dia.

Sunny weekend afternoons fill up fast so booking is recommended, and a three-course set menu with a drink will cost 11 EUR.

I have enjoyed lamb stew, chicken lasagne and fried calamari here, and enjoyed every dish.

15. Cafe Molino Oliva

Cafe Molino is a bar and restaurant where you can just as easily have a few drinks as you can have a proper sit down meal.

It’s changed hands a few times over the last couple of years, but at present, it’s the food that keeps attracting new customers (which can only be a good thing!).

The menu changes, but you can expect fish and chips, Sunday roasts, as well as baked salmon, scampi, bratwurst, and homemade desserts.

16. Pensionistas (Pensioners & Seniors Social Home)

Make no mistake about it – this old people’s home has a cracking Menu del Dia and is among my favourite places to eat in Oliva at lunchtime.

For a fixed price, you can choose between an ever-changing menu of a starter, main, and dessert or coffee.

When I recently visited (January 2024), I opted for creamy cod croquettes followed by beef and Roquefort sauce, and it was lovely. My mum got the albondigas (meatballs) and chicken breast, and was equally impressed.

spanish meatballs

17. Triveni Indian Restaurant Oliva

Triveni is the only Indian restaurant in Oliva, and it’s a town favourite.

Not only are the staff super friendly (my mum goes to Spanish classes with the waiter!), but the prices are reasonable, and the food is yummy.

I visited Triveni on Christmas Day and got a mixed meat plate of starters followed by butter chicken, and both dishes were very nice. The chicken was especially tender, which I liked, as it can so often be dry.

My mum opted for a mixed veggie platter to start, followed by a prawn balti, which she said was delicious.

18. Al Bon Gust

Al Bon Gust is a newcomer to the Oliva restaurant scene, and it’s really raising the bar!

My mum and I visited for a Menu del Dia, and while slightly pricier than other daily menus (17 EUR without a drink), the quality more than makes up for the cost.

From the freshly-baked crunchy bread, to the scrumptious starters (I got the avocado and goat’s cheese salad which was unreal) and delectable mains, everything at Al Bon Gust is exquisite.

my mum with a huge plate of pasta
My mum with her huge bowl of pasta

I opted for the slow-cooked pork with padron peppers and fried potatoes for my main, while mum ordered rigatoni with chorizo, cheese, and peppers, and both of us commented on how Al Bon Gust is really a cut above the rest.

They also have an A La Carte menu, but I very much suggest getting the set menu.

pork and potatoes
Slow-cooked pork

The Best Restaurants in Oliva, Spain | Final Thoughts

There are many great places to eat in Oliva, and although the variety is not as large as you would get in a big city, there should be at least several Oliva restaurants to suit you.

If I had to pick the best Oliva restaurant?

Al Bon Gust is my pick for something mid-range, while Colors Bar is where I’d head for a cheap and cheerful lunch.

You’re welcome 😉

If you enjoyed this article, you may also like my detailed guide to Oliva, and my guide to Valencian food.

Until next time,


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