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Crnojević River

My Great Montenegro Tour with 360 Monte

Prior to booking my flight to Montenegro, all I knew was that it would be hot and that Montenegrins drink rakija. I didn’t even know which places to visit in Montenegro (I actually ended up staying in Kotor for…

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Food Montenegro

9 Best Cheap Eats in Kotor, Montenegro

At first glance, Kotor doesn’t seem to be a place brimming with budget-friendly options when eating out. Most restaurants are more or less the same, with a selection of expensive seafood dishes and not a whole lot else, and…


Reflections on Life in Kotor, Montenegro

This isn’t my usual kind of blog post. It isn’t an in-depth destination guide or well-researched article. The reality is that when I’m actually on the road, I rarely find myself motivated to write those kinds of articles. In…