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10 Things to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is an unforgettable Scottish city full of culture, history and adventure – so much so that one could easily spend hours getting lost among its winding alleyways exploring everything it has to offer!

Whether it’s your first trip or you’ve visited before, this epic guide to exploring Edinburgh will provide helpful insights for making the most out of your stay – from finding local cafes to unearthing hidden gems off-the-beaten-path – making sure that your time spent exploring Scotland will make an unforgettable journey!

So pack up and get ready – here are the best things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland.

things to do in Edinburgh

10 Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

1. Take a tour of Edinburgh Castle

No visit to Edinburgh would be complete without taking in Edinburgh Castle – its crown jewel and most renowned attraction.

Perched atop an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle provides spectacular views across Scotland’s capital city. Tours are offered both inside and outside the castle so visitors can learn what life was like for royals throughout history while admiring the stunning architecture and discovering Edinburgh’s captivating past.

Of all the things to do in Edinburgh, visiting Edinburgh Castle is a must.

2. Uncover hidden gems on a walking tour

If you want to explore Edinburgh beyond its tourist trail, taking a walking tour is an excellent way to uncover hidden gems and uncover local secrets.

Your tour guide will lead you through some of its backstreets and charming alleyways for unique photo opportunities – not to mention giving you a close-up experience of some of Edinburgh’s top restaurants, pubs, and attractions, all while imparting knowledge on its fascinating history!

3. Experience Dean Village scenery

Dean Village is one of the hidden gems of Edinburgh that few visitors know about, yet it offers breathtaking riverside views just minutes from downtown.

Here, visitors can appreciate incredible sights of Water of Leith river as it winds its way along charming cobbled streets adorned with historic buildings and lush gardens – perfect for enjoying a picnic lunch or simply strolling leisurely along its banks – an experience in Dean Village will provide an unforgettable escape from city life!

4. Get cosy at a traditional pub or café

At nightfall, there’s nothing better to relax than visiting one of Edinburgh’s cosy pubs or cafes – be it live music, a hearty meal, or just a late afternoon cup of tea – this city offers something for everyone – don’t forget to taste traditional cuisine while you discover new corners!

5. Shop to your heart’s content at Royal Mile

No visit to Edinburgh would be complete without experiencing its legendary Royal Mile shopping district.

Stretching from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace, this historic street features independent boutiques, art galleries and souvenir stores offering special items crafted in Scotland – this is the ideal spot for finding unique gifts or discovering Scottish crafts!

6. View Edinburgh’s street art

Edinburgh boasts some of the finest street art in Scotland, and discovering these vibrant works of art is an incredible way to uncover hidden gems all across town!

Keep an eye out for interactive murals, captivating sculptures and eye-catching installations as you wander this vibrant city! Who knows what exciting surprises await?

7. Soak up some culture at the Museum of Scotland

If you’re seeking an unforgettable cultural experience, the Museum of Scotland should be at the top of your list.

Here, you can delve into Edinburgh’s past through captivating exhibitions featuring ancient artefacts as well as contemporary pieces, and plenty more in between!

8. Join a ghost tour

Are you indulging your creepiest side with Edinburgh?

For those seeking a more unusual take on their travels through this vibrant city, why not join a ghost tour that explores its darker corners and uncovers hidden history?

These engaging tours often explore legends, folklore and stories of supernatural beings; be prepared for an exhilarating thrill!

9. Start your day off right with brunch and mimosas

Who doesn’t love brunch?

Whether you prefer traditional full English breakfasts, delicious pastries, hearty meals, or classic cocktails such as mimosas, you can start your day right off rightly in one of Edinburgh’s many great eateries.

Head to Hula for the best brunch in Edinburgh – you won’t be disappointed!

10. Conclude the evening with a relaxing walk through Arthur’s Seat

After an exhausting day of sightseeing and touring, why not treat yourself to an evening stroll up Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park?

Offering breathtaking city views from its summit, Arthur’s Seat makes an excellent way to wind down in style and enjoy a beautiful Scottish sunset.

arthur's seat

Things to Do in Edinburgh | Final Thoughts

No matter how you spend your time in Edinburgh, one thing is certain – there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied during your visit!

From visiting iconic landmarks to exploring hidden gems on walking tours, and admiring street art around town, Edinburgh has something exciting in store for every traveller, so start planning today to ensure an unforgettable journey!

After visiting this incredible city, you could head to the port and enjoy a cruise! There are so many cruises from Edinburgh that visit a range of extraordinary destinations, so why not take the plunge?

That’s about it for today, but as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below!

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