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Human Rights

The Dark Side of Tourism in Dubai

Hi guys! Before I jump into the article I just want to say that this is a written accompaniment to a video that I actually made on my YouTube channel, so if you haven’t already then please go and…

Human Rights

Slavery in Dubai

Will be posting an article about this topic soon, but here are my thoughts in brief! #STOPTHETRAFFIK   Featured image by David Rodrigo at Unsplash.…

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Human Rights Women's Issues

Understanding Honour Killings

For most people, the whole concept of honour killings is impossible to comprehend.Β How could anybody be monstrous enough to murder their own daughter in cold blood, often with the help of other relatives? It’s a phenomenon that we just…

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Human Rights Opinion

Should You Visit North Korea?

Okay, so full disclosure: I would love to visit North Korea. There is something enthralling about the thought of being able to walk down the streets of this mysterious country, where so few tourists have been allowed access. As…

Human Rights UK Women's Issues

Why FGM is Britain’s Issue Too

‘Genital mutilation of girls is sometimes referred to as “circumcision.” Implicitly, this likens it to male circumcision. If male circumcision meant removing the glans and testicles and adhering the remains of the penis to the empty sac, the comparison…