The Dubai Porta Potty – Instagram Models Exposed [UPDATED 2024]

When I first heard the term ‘Dubai Porta Potty,’ it was 2019, and after diving deep into the rabbit hole of this stomach-churning phenomenon, I penned this article.

At the time, Dubai Porta Potties were almost an urban legend, something that some communities on the internet knew about, but overall, they weren’t something that most of the population (and certainly not the mainstream media), had ever heard about.

Fast-forward 3 years, and almost everyone knows what a Dubai Porta Potty is.

This article (in its original form) has gone viral multiple times, amassing millions of views and catching the attention of BBC journalists, various television stations, and more than a few angry commenters.

Since May of this year, Dubai Porta Potties have gone viral on TikTok and YouTube,

So then, are Dubai Porta Potties still a thing? Are the rumours true? What has happened in the world of the Dubai Porta Potty since I originally wrote this article?

If you’re watching Dubai Bling on Netflix, you might want to stop reading now.

The Dubai Porta Potty – Instagram Models Exposed

Have you ever looked at an ‘Instagram model’ and wondered how she affords to travel the world constantly without seeming to have a job or any actual modelling work?

Have you ever wondered how these girls are able to spend their time in private jets and sunning themselves on super yachts without ever taking on paid promotions or creating any content that requires an actual skill?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED why, in these girls’ bios, there is often an email address for ‘booking inquiries’ despite the fact that these people are not actual influencers or models.

These girls are not travel influencers or bloggers.

They do not work with tourism boards or promote fancy hotels.

They STAY in fancy hotels, but they are not being paid to promote them. 


Well, dear readers, I am here to tell you that if you see a drop dead gorgeous girl with 100k followers on Instagram drinking cocktails in Dubai, there is a very high probability that she is a Dubai Porta Potty.

Instagram Models Exposed and Sex Tourism in Dubai

Being a ‘working girl’ is not a new concept.

Since the dawn of time, women and men have been using their bodies to make bank.

It is not shocking that hot young women are capitalising on what God gave them in order to travel the world and make 5 figures a night.

In my opinion, if a woman chooses to work in the industry then more power to her.

The adult industry is perhaps the ONLY industry where women make more money than men.

What’s more, there are no entry requirements, a woman can set her own hours, rates, and choose what services she does and does not provide.

It is also of no great surprise to me Dubai has become known as a global sex tourism hub.

For decades, Dubai has had a reputation for flying in sex workers and sex trafficking women for decades, despite sex work being illegal in all UAE states.

In fact, prostitution has turned Dubai into the go-to destination for sex tourism in the Gulf.

The number of active sex workers in Dubai is estimated at 45,000 (though it is impossible to know the actual number) with many of these women trafficked from countries such as Bangladesh under the impression that they will be working as domestic workers.


Not being content with luring foreign workers to the UAE under false pretences of great salaries before forcing them to work as slaves and forcing domestic workers into sex work, Dubai has decided that actually, they want to push the boundaries of human depravity even further.

The ‘in thing’ in Dubai is a phenomenon that has come to be known as the Dubai Porta Potty. 

What is a Dubai Porta Potty? 

Before we get into this next section, I highly recommend that you stop reading if you’re eating.


This stuff is grim.

So, in a nutshell, a ‘Dubai Porta Potty’ is a woman (usually an Instagram model) who gets flown out to Dubai by a rich Emirati who pays them to do horrible, horrible things, and I’m not just talking about a little 50 Shades action here.

In the Persian Gulf, things get reeeeeeal weird.  

If you’re a rich Arab in the UAE and you want to see just how low women from the West will sink in order to make a few bucks, it’s really very simple.

You browse Instagram for the hottest girl you can find and then invite her to Dubai for a 30,000 USD paid holiday that she can post about to all of her adoring followers.

And what does she have to do in return? 

Well, the choice is yours. 

In Dubai, anything is possible. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. A few years ago a website named TagTheSponsor, decided to expose Instagram models, and it didn’t take long for it to be inundated with screenshots of these girls agreeing to do all sorts of lurid acts for cash.

Tag The Sponsor featured images and videos of young women agreeing to do everything from pleasure camels, to let men sh-t on them, to abuse 11 year old boys who ‘need to become men.’ 

The most well-known request is for the women to allow the men to s**t in their mouths.

This is why the girls are known as ‘Porta Potties.’

Their mouth is a porta potty. A portable toilet.

Now, these screenshots are mostly fakes, in the sense that the person asking the girls to go to Dubai is usually a troll.

HOWEVER, the girls are real, and in their minds, they are truly agreeing to do these things.

Some of them even brag about having been to these sorts of ‘parties’ before.

The way that these conversations begin is that the man will send a direct message asking the girl if she wants to go to Dubai for an all expenses paid trip.

Usually the girls know the drill and they immediately begin talking numbers.

The guy will offer around 5k for ‘normal’ sex, but then very quickly will start talking about how he will pay big money if she will indulge his more ‘unusual’ preferences.

These preferences are discussed, the girl agrees (usually on video, as proof that she is consenting), and she also agrees to sign an NDA.

Sidenote: I used to include screenshots of the Tag The Sponsor website where the girls would agree to do lurid things, but as they show the girl’s faces and social media handles, I decided to remove them. If you want to read in detail about what these women agree to, you will have to seek them out yourself.

In cases where the man isn’t just a troll, the girl is then flown out to the UAE and that’s where the magic happens.

In addition to doing whatever humiliating acts the man wants her to do, she will make sure to get a few snaps of herself on his yacht or in his jet and post the pictures on Instagram to flex her lavish lifestyle. 

To those in the know, these pictures are a marketing ploy.

The girls will list their locations as ‘London/Dubai,’ include an email address for ‘booking inquiries,’ and feature countless images of themselves living it up in Dubai. 

Once you know the signs, it is very easy to spot a girl who is involved, especially when you take a peek at who they are following and the people who comment on their photos (hint – it’s usually wealthy Emiratis). 

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking that this is all a hoax, and that just because these girls SAY they will do these things, there is no proof that they have actually done them.

I mentioned earlier that many of the people sending screenshots to Tag The Sponsor are actually just regular guys pretending to be rich Sheikhs in order to lead the girl into saying some incriminating things. 

In the next section, I’ll be sharing some of the Dubai Porta Potty stories that have gone viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, where women who claim to have worked as Dubai Porta Potties share their experiences.

I hope you’re ready.

Dubai Porta Potty Stories

When I originally wrote this article back in 2019, there was only one account on the internet I could find by somebody claiming to have worked as a Dubai Porta Potty.

This woman remained anonymous, and shared her story with Atlanta Celebrity News, who later deleted the article (but not before I had a chance to copy and paste her story!).

Here’s what she had to say:

‘I’ve literally been p****d on and s**t on so many times I just don’t understand why they like it (after the third time you get s**t on you get used to it). I’ve had to have s*x with a German Shepard dog in front of [Saudi Royalty]. I’ve got paid to eat s**t. I’ve got paid to get beat up. I even had to stick a live salmon in some 65 year old man’s a*s. I’ve had s*x with 14 year old boys to make them men. I’ve smeared my face with their s**t. So to all of you ladies that are going to bash me, I’m 24 years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. I’m now retired and can have normal s*x with whoever I want.’


There is a lot to unpack with that, but let’s have a look at some more recent Dubai Porta Potty stories first.

In May 2022, a TikTok user went viral for sharing her story.

The user, @hocusbogus2.0, claimed that she used to work as a flight attendant with Emirates Airlines, and although she didn’t have any first-hand experience as a Dubai Porta Potty, her colleague had told her that another colleague of theirs did have.

Her friend had remarked how another flight attendant was constantly asking for fibre-rich foods and commenting on how important it was that she up her fibre intake.

When the woman wouldn’t stop talking about her need for fibre, the friend finally asked her what her deal was, and the flight attendant replied ‘Honestly babes, I get paid to shit on Emirati men, and I’ve got to eat all my fibre cause I’m going on a boat tonight.’

Laims, the owner of the @hocusbogus2.0 TikTok account said many flight attendants are asked to do things like this, and commented underneath her own video saying ‘Yes it’s real, I didn’t know it was a scandal, it’s not very scandalous to me’ and ‘It’s such old news to us who lived there… I can’t believe everyone else is just now finding out 😂 I never bothered making a video about it cause I thought everyone knew.’

She also claims in her videos that ‘UK babes’ have ‘a bit of a reputation‘ for doing anything for money in Dubai.

If it’s proof you’re looking for, there is currently a video on YouTube and TikTok (it was also on Twitter but has since been removed), of a woman s******g into a man’s mouth at one of these alleged Dubai parties.

I’m obviously not going to link to it here, but if you really want to see, it isn’t hard to find.

A harrowing Dubai Porta Potty story

While people like to laugh at the Dubai Porta Potty stories out there, it’s important to remember how serious some of this stuff is, and how some of the women have no idea what they’re actually signing up for until it’s too late.

When you’re in a country like the UAE, where prostitution (and even sex outside of marriage) is illegal, the law is not on your side if the encounter turns nasty.

One story online, from an anonymous woman tells of how she visited Dubai with a friend and a man expressed interest in her.

After her friend encouraged her to go for it, she accepted the offer and was taken on an expensive shopping spree where she couldn’t believe her luck.

However, when it came down to ‘business,’ so to speak, the woman was forced to undergo lots of things that she wasn’t comfortable with, with multiple men.

You can read her story below (warning: GRAPHIC).

The reality of being a Dubai Porta Potty

Obviously this story is horrifying, and even if you’re vehemently against sex work, you can’t help but feel sorry for this poor woman, and she’s one of the lucky ones.

In every country, sex workers are at a much higher risk of violence, r*pe and murder than people in other professions.

If sex work is dangerous in every country, what about countries with shocking human rights abuses, repressive laws, very powerful clients and women forced to sign NDAs? 

Do you honestly believe that if these guys felt as though they were going to be exposed, that they would hesitate in making these women disappear?

Do not underestimate just what these men will do to protect themselves. 

What’s more, do you seriously think that these girls are able to go to the police if they get into trouble on any of these trips? 

Of course not! 

Women in Dubai can GO TO PRISON IF THEY ARE RAPED because having ‘relations’ outside of marriage is illegal. 

How do you think it would go if a woman being paid for adult services alleged that a Emirati billionaire had r*ped her? 

It wouldn’t go well.  

I am not exaggerating when I say that these women are putting their lives on the line for a few thousand bucks and some nice designer handbags. 

Wrong is wrong

Let’s go back to the woman who said that she had had ‘relations’ with a German Shepherd and multiple 14 year old boys ‘to make them men.’

Just because you’re being paid to do something doesn’t make it morally right.

Some of these women are committing horrendous crimes for the sake of a trip to Dubai, and if men were agreeing to do those things, we wouldn’t be laughing and joking.

We would be coming down hard on them. 

This is not me bashing women or being antifeminist. 

This is me standing up for what is right, and speaking out against what is wrong. 

It is wrong of these men to do these things to women, but it is also wrong of these women to do what they are doing.

They are not just putting themselves at risk, but they are harming others in the process, and I can’t sit back and say ‘her body her choice!’ when talking about children, dogs and salmon.

This woman, who is bragging about having a million dollars in the bank and retiring early, says that anybody ‘bashing’ her is just jealous.

Well, I am here to say that I am not some lady that wants to ‘bash’ you because I’m jealous.

If your ‘job’ involves animal and child abuse then I’m afraid you can’t be on your high horse.

I am honestly fine with the idea that women are allowing rich dudes to s**t on them.

If you’re okay with it then so am I.

However, when you bring camels, dogs and children to the table then this is where you lose the right to defend your actions.

A dog cannot consent.

A child cannot consent.

I don’t care if some dude is paying you to do these things.

The bottom line is that you are abusing children and animals, and that is not okay in any country, culture or universe. 

If someone wanted to pay you to kill somebody, would you do it?

If I could say anything to the women who are doing this, it would be this – think about what you are doing.

Have a long, hard think about the things that you are doing for money and ask yourself whether this is something that you can justify when you go to bed at night. 

But what about the men?

Since I first wrote this article, many commenters have accused me of being a sexist because I am only focusing on the woman in this situation.

Others have called me Islamophobic and told me that I am just hating on Arab men without proof.

After a lot of thought, I’ve realised that I was wrong to only focus on the so-called Dubai Porta Potties themselves.

When I wrote this article, I thought that my contempt for the men paying for these things was obvious, and wanted to highlight the issues with Instagram influencers portraying a glamorous lifestyle when the reality behind the scenes is anything but.

Let me be very clear – the Emirati men paying women to do these things are the lowest of the low and the majority of the blame lies with them. Without the ‘demand,’ there would not be the ‘supply.’

With that being said, I accept that while many of the women involved are legitimate victims, I believe that many of them know exactly what they are getting into and enter this world with their eyes wide open.

In my opinion, these women also shoulder some blame for the things they are willing to inflict on animals and children (again, if you’re just going to let a dude s**t on you, I really do not care).

Dubai Porta Potties | Final Thoughts

I hope that after reading this post, you still have some brain cells left and haven’t totally lost faith in humanity.

I also hope you don’t go searching for that video, because trust me, you will regret it.

What do you think of the Dubai Porta Potty phenomenon?

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Dubai Porta Potties - The Truth About Instagram Models - Have you ever looked at an ‘Instagram model’ and wondered how she affords to travel the world constantly without seeming to have a job or any actual modelling work? Have you ever looked at these 10/10 girls and wondered how they are able to spend their time in private jets and sunning themselves on super yachts without ever taking on paid promotions or creating any content that requires an actual skill? #influencer #dubai #UAE

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      1. If only they know the spiritual implications of this things and what it even does to their insides, I have been with a polish girl who has experienced these things and the first time I met her in person, she was very clean, beautiful and smelling nice on the outside but immediately she opened her mouth to smile while I hugged her the smell that oozed out of her mouth was unbearable, I thought this was dew to her few hours flight to me, we went into the Airbnb, she cleaned up brushed her teeth but it was exactly the same. Vagina discharge, stinks and her morning breathe will make you almost throw up. She’s literally a walking corpse. Dead and decayed on the inside.

        1. This is a blatant lie and I really have to question the mind that came up with this fantasy. It’s OK to admit that you’re a virgin…

    1. So why exactly did you choose to show stock images of black women for this sick article? That would’ve been a much more accurate representation.

          1. There is a YouTube in Germany, who literally translated your complete text and made a video. It’s funny how she even presented the last part about animal cruelty as her own.
            Her YouTube name is “Desy” and the name of the video “instagram models in Dubai entlarvt: die dreckige Wahrheit von Dubais Porta potties”

      1. Yea I think I only saw 1 image of a NON white female throughout the entire article. Besides…how do you know what these men are into???? Many of them combine a twisted form of romanticism with subjects like Amazons (from Greek mythology, and are typically depicted as dark-skinned).

    2. “If you’re a rich Arab in the UAE and you want to see just how low women from the West will sink in order to make a few bucks, it’s really very simple”

      Well, that’s what western men have been doing with MENA women the last 200 years (Google Phillipe Servaty if you aren’t aware). So, as you like to say COPE.

    3. I dont care what these disgusting men and women do they are low scum of the earth but please I feel so heartbroken when I hear animals and children are involved. I mean a living salmon in somebody s ass. What happened to this world. So evil. 🙁 poor little animals and kids.
      It’s a known practice that rich people do evil things even in the West children being abused and killed by people from the finance politics and stuff.
      Sick sick so sick.

  1. My favourite article of yours so far!! A real eye opener! Thanks Dani, keep up the good work girl!! ❤️ Love from Sydney, ??

  2. Sometimes I wish Westerners who love to criticize The Gulf would equally turn a mirror on themselves and criticize their own countries; where they basically invented these things…. this article is sick about a horrific thing that happens rarely in the Gulf, but commonplace in Germay. Why do you think they are able to “buy” foreign women to do these acts? The author comes off as judgy when this happens everywhere, even in her back yard. What a waste of words.

    1. Haha, I come off as judgy in this article because I AM being judgy 😉 but if you read it properly then you would see that I am judging the girls that do this and then try to defend their actions even when they have abused children and animals. Yes, I’m judging the Western women…shocking I know. I am not kink shaming anyone.
      What I care about is the abuse of animals and children that happens in these scenarios, and I would criticise animal and child abuse in ANY country. Lastly, it’s dangerous to talk about how the WEST ‘invented’ gender discrimination and domestic violence when the rates of domestic violence and gender discrimination in Gulf states is off the charts. People in glass houses…

      1. Hey who mentioned p*rn? That’s nothing to do with domestic violence. And yeah the West invented p*rn, probably because we also invented photography and cinema. We invented television, though perhaps not video tape which the Japanese made suitable for domestic use.

        I’m not sure we invented domestic violence. It’s not exactly a matter of pride, so much as reduced shame, that we have laws against it, and you can go to prison for abusing a partner. The same can NOT be said of Arabia, where as mentioned, a woman who is raped can be imprisoned for it! Besides the sexual angle, how can you be prosecuted for something you had no choice in? It’s like imprisoning a bank worker who hands over money to an armed robber!

        It’s ridiculous and insulting. Were I a Western woman, I would never go near an Arab country. I wouldn’t even fly over one in case the plane developed trouble and had to set down there. Their laws are medieval, their people are serfs, working for the few rich men who rule the place at their whim. I’d rather have democracy (from Greece), thanks. I’d rather have rights as a human being, not be disposable and liable to torture at the whim of someone in power. I would happily send my worst enemy there. Good luck with the tourism.

    2. Are you really stupid enough to think all vices and discrimination were invented in the West? This stuff has been going on since the dawn of civilization long before any countries even existed in Europe and the natives were still chasing bison in North America.

  3. This whole thing is a hoax. You wrote this article in 2019 with screenshots from IG and Whatsapp that have been proven to be fake for easy clicks. You can name call all you want – like you discovered some huge story but you are miserable

    1. I would be interested to see this ‘proof’ that you speak of 🙂 I am aware that the ‘men’ in the screenshots are not actual Emirates and that they are catfishing the girls. However, I have seen videos of the girls agreeing to do these things. Videos. Not screenshots. If you do have ‘proof’ that everything is faked then I would like to see.

      1. Emirates is the airline company. EmiratIS are the citizens of UAE, they are only 15% of the population .

        Tag the sponsor is clearly a page to expose these gold digging instamodels, prince “bin fakin”? its all a joke to show how shallow and willing to do everything for money these dreamy women are and that people shouldnt look at their pages with envy but with disgust.

        Sex work is the oldest job in the world. Women have used their bodies for money and power for centuries, nothing new there. The “anonymouse comment” you have there from the one who raped a boy and did it with a dog can be written by anyone as a bullshit joke. You are asking for veryfications from people yet where is your verification that any of the things you write about are actually true? People love to shit on Dubai (joke well intended!) because of racism and jealousy.

        Yes, women come to Dubai for sex. they also come to Cannes, London, Las Vegas, Bali, Shanghai etc. The Cannes film festival is for years now the biggest “escort payout” of the year, the orgies on yachts there are happening since the 70s at least. But that has never been a story as much as when Dubai gets involved. You need to askyourself why.

        the videos of the girls agreeing are being sent by the girls to the guys who catfish them. Nothing actually happens, they just want to expose the women as empty money hungry people.

        How about YOU provide proof that the things you write about are actually true before you demand proof from others for claiming otherwise?

        1. Yes of course the accounts are fake, as I acknowledge in the article. The fact that these girls agree to do these things and many of them say that they HAVE done them, is proof that at least they are willing to do them and claim to have had experience.

          I think the focus is on Dubai because of how depraved these stories are and how dangerous it is for women to do sex work in Dubai, not because of racism.

        2. I don’t believe “People love to shit on Dubai (joke well intended!) because of racism and jealousy.” Because Dubai is linked with Islamic tradition, sex outside of marriage is not permitted and public displays of affection or (ownership) is severely punished, how hypocritical. I was drawn to this subject and have viewed posts about it on social media. The middle east is not alone in socio/religious hypocrisy. But it is not unlike the betrayal of Catholic priests who traffic/molest/abuse innocents, the lambs of the church. The absolute illicit dichotomy mind-numbing. I don’t believe every story on the world wide web, but there is a saying, “where there is smoke there is fire.”

  4. Interesting article but I agree you do come of as being critical of Emriaties when you speak of them making girls disappear like it could not happen anywhere in the world. And Gender discrimination may be off the charts in the Emirates but considering the amount of effort they put into changing their culture (far less than the west has) I’d say the west may be ahead but still shockingly bad for nations who want to have a high horse on this matter.

    1. Of course it can happen anywhere in the world when we are talking about very powerful men and sex workers but I think in Gulf states where it is illegal to even share a bedroom without being married, the risks are significantly higher. It is interesting that you seem to be of the mindset that somebody from the west should not criticise gender equality in other parts of the world just because we don’t have 100% gender equality. I think that that is an incredibly dangerous mentality.

    2. Was this article titled Port o Potties From Around the World? It wasn’t. Because the author chose to narrow her subject and focus on one region.

      As you say yourself the rate of trafficking like this in Dubai is “off the charts” – and it’s just plain pathetic to latch onto how it’s “worse or equal” to the same thing happening in every other country.

      Wanna say “not all men” or “all lives matter” too? No sh!t it happens across the world, you triggered john.

      But you can sure as fvck expect such extremes of vile, violent treatment in countries where women rate as second or third class citizens. If they get to be considered persons at all and not just property. Any country “trying to make change” in such an existing culture and environment is still like 100 years behind countries that have long recognized all their citizens as equal, besides the rich who are of course routinely treated above the law.

  5. I find this article absolutely fascinating and well written. I have been reading about this for a few years now (crazy days and nights blog, search “bani”. I’ve also seen the originals a couple years back from Tag the Sponsor. What you touched on is perfect – while we could easily talk about how messed up it is that a girl would be ok with someone shutting all over her, that’s her thing…that’s how she chooses to make money. I’m not answering for it, I’m not living with it. It is NOT ok for these girls to justify the rape of children and animals. Sure, it happens everywhere, but these girls are att
    Reacted to Dubai for the money, the views, the climate, and the stigma of glamor. When I think Germany, I do not think beaches, Chanel, and Louboutins.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Thank you so much for commenting 🙂 Dubai is definitely associated with glitz and glam, and it is all too easy to understand why somebody would want to post pictures from the Burj while wearing a ten thousand dollar dress.

      1. Well researched and written Dani. Shocking but not surprising. I just emailed you (hope you still got the same email address)

  6. I mean they did it knowing what they were doing…
    You seem to be proud of your 1million$ you should also be proud of how you got them.

  7. Hahaha what ugly hating girl wrote this article? “I’m so happy I never responded to them” hahha 100% you did or you would never have needed to justify yourself.

    Yes there are girls in the world that do travel for sex. But to sit and say “every single girl on social media that isn’t promoting a brand is a sex worker” that is such an immature way of thinking and it’s very clear you don’t know a single one of these “10/10” girls. Or you would’ve been more educated on the fact.

    It’s a very small amount and type of girls that actually do these things. Most girls don’t even get paid to travel, they’re just there to be there. Or sometimes they know rich men and they fly them out. There doesn’t have to be any type of sexuality involved. I still see this as escorting but I don’t think it’s fair to call everyone a prostitute. You should’ve done your research better, this article is not a good source nor is it all correct. I hope for your future in writing, you actually look into what you’re writing about.

    1. Haha I love how you called me ugly and then said I’M hating on girls 😉 am I hating on sex workers? Nope. I said many times in the article that I am all for sex work. Perhaps you didn’t (or couldn’t?) read it.

      However, am I hating on people who agree to molest children and animals for money? Yep 🙂

      Also, you are supposed to use parenthesis to emphasise that something is a direct quote, and nowhere did I say that ‘every single girl on social media that isn’t promoting a brand is a sex worker.’ Nice try though. I also never used the term ‘prostitute’ as you allege, as this is a slur and I never use it.

      Perhaps before criticising somebody next time, make sure that you are critiquing things that they have actually SAID rather than things you made up 😉

  8. You’re heavily judging these women and yes some of the levels they’re willing to go to are ethically and legally questionable to say the least. But you say nothing of these disgusting sick brutal and abusive men who take enjoyment out of abusing, humiliating and brutalising women, children and animals. You and those men seem to this that’s OK if they have the money to do so, it’s not cool. Also exposing those sex workers names and private messages is also shameful of you.

  9. This is very true. About 4 years ago I dated a guy who was from Dubai and he told me how his friends would hire American women to **** on them. I asked him why the men would do this? He said because they find American women to be disgusting and will do anything for money and find it entertaining to be-little them because they put themselves out there to be taken advantage of. Now all these years later I see these articles coming out about it. So while people here are saying don’t judge these women, how about looking at it from the Arabs point of view and seeing how desperate these women are that they would sell their dignity and self respect for money and a few extra followers. Now that you know the reason the men do it would you as a women still put yourself in that situation?

    1. EXACTLY THIS! These Arabs are getting off on the fact that these western women are WILLING to submit to this depravity for money and clout. It is verification to them that western society is so broken and morally bankrupt that we produce these women and call it female empowerment. In a healthy natural culture no woman would EVER do these things or porn or Only Fans etc they would be utterly repulsed and disgusted by the very idea. We truely are a culture in decline and these things are all symptoms of the fall. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, the Romans became decadent in the end and their fall led to the Dark Ages.

  10. Why do they even pay the $50,000? An Emerati can just invite them to Dubai, then lock them in a room and keep them and do whatever they want. When they are finally released if they go to the police they would go to prison. Great country. Good people.

  11. I think it’s disgusting what’s happening here, b you should include that ‘Tag the Sponsor’ website. Yes, sex with animals and children is utterly reprehensible, but you are encouraging the men to humiliate the girls. Both the men and the women are in the wrong, but only the women are getting exposed online?

    1. I agree that both are to blame. If there was information available about the men doing this, I would be sharing their pictures as well for sure. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything, for obvious reasons (rich powerful men).

  12. I know this post is old but I would like to comment….

    Selling your body for men to use and abuse over and over is not empowering even though some women are fed the lie that it is empowering.

    “The sex industry is perhaps the ONLY industry where women make more money than men (a lot more)…”

    And why do you think this is? This is telling in itself..
    It’s because prostitutes/porn actresses are made a commodity who’s only purpose is for perverted types of men to get off.

    Prince Isad “Bin Fakin” lol.
    Read the name closely. It sounds clearly like a made up name.
    Is there any evidence that this is even a real account?
    It sounds more like someone trolling or trying to set up and bust these Instagram girls.

    Is there any evidence that these girls ever go through with the “job”?
    My guess is that they make a promise, get the Saudis to transfer the money and then vanish and never go to UAE?

    PC or not, I agree with you about the sexual repression over there creating perverts however the answer is not an American type of life either as sadly USA is full of perversion too with the majority of pornography coming from USA and the perverted types of Arabs are probably watching the USA porn and it is cementing their already twisted ideas and mindsets.

    In my view the easy accessibility of hard porn or violent like porn globally is amplifying issues in society and “anti woman” degrading acts like peeing or pooping on them etc..

    They are better adopting a European or moderate Muslim type of mentality in UAE rather than USA mentality.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I don’t agree at all with your opinions on sex work. If a woman chooses to sell sex then I don’t find that act inherently degrading. It isn’t necessarily ’empowering,’ but few jobs are. Stacking shelves in a supermarket may not be empowering but it is a great job for many nevertheless.

      Yes, the man from the screenshots is 100% fake. He is a troll, baiting these women into agreeing to these things just to prove how far Western women will go. I am in no way saying that I believe these screenshots are from a legit man in the UAE proposing a real deal. HOWEVER, I do believe that it does happen. The fact that many of the girls on the TTS website admit to ‘having done these before’ or ‘attended these kind of parties’ is telling to me.

      I never said that the UAE should be more like the USA. I am from Europe, and things are not perfect by far here, haha. But I do think that their sexually repressed culture COMBINED with the things they see Western women doing has created a very toxic thing here.

      I do agree with your thoughts on hardcore porn and how it normalises very taboo and degrading acts.

  13. I know I’m a bit late but I just wanted to say thank you for your very informative post. You have a lovely writing style, its very engaging! Is it wrong that I was actually laughing while reading a lot of this, like I legitimately thought there’s no way that this is real! Its absolutely mental that this is going on. I do agree with the whole “You do you” Attitude, as long and nobody, human or animal is hurt and everyone is a consenting adult then let these women make those choices for themselves. I disagree with the hate you got on this post as well, its obvious that you put a lot of thought into it. Keep it up, gonna binge read some of your other posts now 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you so much! This really put a smile on my face haha. And nope, it isn’t bad that you were laughing, I couldn’t stop during the research! My friend and I were on the TagTheSponsor website for HOURS like “OMG look at this one!!” hahaha. Thanks again, seriously, this has made my day 😀 <3

  14. I’m a little late to the party but this article was so interesting! I actually follow a Melbourne influencer who does lifestyle posts. I recently saw her post on the beaches of Dubai and showoff a lavish first class seat and gorgeous hotel room. i thought to myself that this was weirdly out of character especially for someone unemployed and with just less than 140k followers. This could hypothetically be a possibility about how she afforded such a random trip (Or not just speculating).

    It might be controversial but i don’t have as much an issue the “bestiality” and sex with underage boys (in the given scenarios). I find the ethics interesting especially given the contemporary nature of the issue addressed here. However i recognise it can be easy (as an Australian) to obtrude through my western way of thinking; The middle eastern more naturally derived sense of right and wrong. I think also sexual repression is also a mistakingly assumed to be massive contributing factor to the existence of these fetishes but thats just my opinion.

    Where i do find the underlying issue however (and i think its not addressed as much as it should be) is where the models or influencers sell or flex a lifestyle without the “shitty ;)” price tag. I think it also further contributes to the culture of primitive accumulation in a way not really seen before throughout history. I think not only about my admittedly impressionable self (as a male) but also my younger sisters and the effect that this sort of hypocritical marketing.

    Could it be comparable to how elderly men from western countries go to relatively less developed countries specifically for sex minus the uncommon fetishes (in most cases). Knowing this surely one would think this is a power play rather than a more traditional sexual desire or else they would take advantage of the domestic market?

    Either way i love how well written and interesting to see a topic i hadn’t really seen before be discussed in so much depth.

    1. RE: sexual repression – I don’t think that it is the reason why so many people have fetishes per se. Plenty of people in the Western world have fetishes, even from the most sexually liberated countries. I just think that it may be a contributing factor due to the fact that when you ban something, it becomes naturally more alluring and the taboo even more so. I think the motives of the men are absolutely comparable to the older men from Western countries visiting places such as Thailand. I lived in Cambodia for 12 months and I saw a LOT of that. It’s definitely a power thing, just as with these men.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I hope you find some more of my posts interesting too 😀

  15. Fascinating and disturbing article in equal measure. That is a tough one to pull off, I must say!

    As someone who grew up in the UAE and having many Emirati friends, I wouldn’t for a second doubt the validity of these stories. Sure it may be a small percentage of men who are actually engaged in these nasty activities but it is actually such a closed society, that figuring out the real statistics is nearly impossible.

    The locals over there are very conservative and friendly but foreigners usually don’t have the upper hand if they fall on the wrong side of the law. This makes it even more strange why any lady from the states would risk her life like that?

    Moreover many of their young men have an unhealthy obsession with women that have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am not even kidding!!

    By the way, since you are from Manchester, are you an United fan? I mean you simply can’t support City after writing such an article and knowing who their owners are.

    1. Haha, why thank you!
      It’s chilling to hear from people like you who have spent a lot of time there and can confirm that you don’t doubt that this happens.
      Yes, I wonder why so many girls are willing to put themselves in such tricky situations as well – I don’t know if they realise how dangerous it actually is, and just how little help they would get because they are so blinded by the glitz and glamour of getting to party with rich Emiratis.
      Haha, I’m not a football fan but yes, I guess it would have to be United 😛

  16. Interesting article, unfortunately this place can get a lot darker as you are probably aware.
    I will say that beastiality and what western societies consider under age sex is not necessarily the case in Middle Eastern countries. After living in these countries for over a decade, often these practises are not outlawed and if they are they can still be socially acceptable in private settings.
    Calling these girls out for rape may be a stretch as you are using a western culture as your measuring stick.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 yeah I’m sure it can get a lot darker!
      I completely understand your point; however when the children are 10 or 11 years old or when it is an ANIMAL who can’t consent, I don’t care so much for the law or for what is socially acceptable – I believe that some things are just objectively wrong, no matter what the law states.

      1. Fellow Traveler

        Goddamn. And here I thought I already knew about the worst parts of UAE. I had a vague understanding of this phenomenon, but after learning more about this shit show, I’m placing UAE on my no-fly list indefinitely (at least until they get their shit together). Being a travel photographer, sure I’d miss out on capturing Dubai’s stunning city in the desert, but how my ex-girlfriend plainly put it, I can’t condone its backward customs of oppressing women and minorities.

        Do you know if this is only happening in the UAE? What about other countries in the Middle East? I want to visit Jordan but I don’t want to develop a mental stereotype where I think every rich Arab enjoys defecating on women.

        1. I really want to visit Jordan as well! To be honest, I don’t know – I have heard that Saudi royalty do this as well – the woman that I quoted in the article was talking about Saudi Arabia so if her experience is to be believed then it happens there as well. To be honest, I’m sure every country in the world has some people with a scat fetish, but this specific practice of scouting out hot girls on Instagram to fly out and shit on? It certainly seems to be a Middle Eastern thing, haha.

  17. Wow. The comments on this article are… wild. Super interesting topic. I agree, I don’t think there is anything wrong with them doing sex work. But there is a difference between sex work and contributing to the exploitation of others, even if you are also being exploited. I’ve never really followed these instagram people who post out of this world luxury, because I’m of the opinion that no one should be that rich when there are so many poor people. I don’t like to contribute to their follower count or their platform. It’s definitely made me think about how easy it seems to be to fake being so affluent.

  18. Not sure how I feel about the fact that you quoted and referenced an article which blames feminism and leftism for the rise of the Dubai Porta Potty – that article literally said that this would have never happened years ago when slut shaming was still ok…. seriously. And agreed with another comment that mentioned many tag your sponsor photos were found to be fabricated. I like the article but not your choice of sources.

    1. I understand your concerns about the article I used – I found it despicable in parts as well, but unfortunately there is simply nothing else on the internet when it comes to this topic. All I could find was this old anti-feminist article from years ago and a few YouTube videos that didn’t provide much information. I also mentioned in the article that I understand that the Tag The Sponsor photos are fabricated – I don’t think that the men in those screenshots are actually legit, but I DO believe that the women in the screenshots THINK they are and are genuinely agreeing to perform such acts. Thus, when the women are shown to be admitting to having been to such parties before and are sending pictures of their passports to somebody that they assume is a Sheikh, it hardly seems to matter if they are being catfished or not.
      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate and understand your concerns 🙂

  19. “because the bottom line is that the biggest threat to a woman’s safety is a man”

    Ischemic heart disease*
    Lower respiratory infections.
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease*
    Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias*
    Diabetes mellitus*
    Diarrhoeal disease.
    Breast cancer*

    Sorry men don’t make the list!
    Great article though!

      1. Safety.

        mass noun The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

        the state of being free from illness or injury.

  20. “I’m 24 years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. I’m now retired and can have normal sex with whoever I want.’”

    Are people like this woman a symptom of an overly capitalist society or what?
    I am of the opinion that money is the cheapest way to pay for anything which most people subconciously also know, which is why most people are selective about what they are willing to do for money.
    A person who earned 1 million dollars in this way will never have normal sex. Having normal interactions with others including sex involves a certain amount of innocence between people.
    I mean, what would you do and think if you found out that the fun person you are having safe sex with used to have sex with camels and gave video consent to allow others to shit on them at parties?
    As well as that, people having normal interactions with others can talk about how they earn a living with most others they meet.

    1. “I mean, what would you do and think if you found out that the fun person you are having safe sex with used to have sex with camels and gave video consent to allow others to shit on them at parties?” this made me chuckle, haha. But you’re so right, how could they ever have normal sex and relationships ever again?!

  21. You’re missing my point here.
    According to you, these girls are the main culprit for accepting to subject themselves to abuse.
    Whereas the real villains are the perpetrators, from whom originate bestiality and pedophilia. They may be potential murderers as well but if these girls end up killed, they well deserved it, right?
    We should be protesting against the perpetrators sick practices (the root cause of the issue).
    I’m certain these girls would be happy making the same money without going through such degrading treatments.
    Last, Tag the Sponsor is reliable enough to you to document the existence of porta potties, even though it is basically a cyber-bullying platform. But hey, cyber-bullying is ok, since this is nothing compared to UAE’s barbaric traditions!

    1. I think you are missing the point actually 🙂 nowhere did I say that the girls are the MAIN culprits. You chose to assume that because this article happens to be about them. I just decided to write the article about the women who CHOOSE to do these things for money because I find it very interesting what people will do for a bit of social media fame and a free trip to Dubai. Perhaps I will write another article about the men in the future. Or you are welcome to write your own. On my platform, I chose to examine why anybody would take them up on such horrendous offers.
      I’m sure they WOULD be happy making 30k and not having relations with a camel but life doesn’t work like that. You don’t just get paid 30k for a night unless you are doing some morally corrupt and illegal stuff. I could get great money for selling women into sexual slavery or selling drugs but I CHOOSE not to because those things compromise my morals. If a woman wants 30k so bad that she will abuse a child in order to get it, I will call her out for that.
      Just because somebody else may be MORE to blame, doesn’t mean that these women should be able to avoid criticism.

  22. While it’s not my place to get involved in what two concenting, aware adults may or may not do behind closed doors this whole culture does not surprise me.

    While the rich and powerful in Gulf countries have the wealth to obtain their “premium” services, it is not limited to those with the resources.

    It is known that Gulf nations and those with similar ideologies seem to traffic the highest percentage of the most “specific” fettish porn. So that shows that those without the resources of the elites have the same desires, and go through other means to get their fix. Even know in many of these countries it is actually illegal to watch or even access porn sites. I personally find it crazy to know it is still determineable to find where this shit/piss fettish porn is trafficking to if the residents are having to use a masked VPN and I’m not sure that I would risk streaming it (very normal porn compared to piss and shit) myself of I were visiting in a country with the laws such as here through fear of what could happen to me if I were caught.

    However, there is where the fetish is born. Living in such a surpressive culture will result in a push back. If someone is completely deprived from a taboo subject it will leave people uneducated, unaware and curious about a new found world.

    This is the same concept as young kids growing up in the UK being told they “cant get a tattoo” by their parents, going and getting a tattoo in protest.
    Ofcourse when it comes to flying girls across countries the stakes are a lot higher. The digital age is a blessing for all levels of sex workers becuase as you say they can get their clients, but these girls can also be contactable and tracked 24 hours a day.

    Imo, if countries with similar ideologies were a little (or a lot) more open and progressive about sex, the extreme wants would probably decrease.

    I also think it’s worth noting that extreme fetishes do not just come from the elites of Arab countries. With digital era being so open we have been made aware of Pizzagate, Epstein and coconspirators, cases like Jimmy Savile to Ian Watkins have outed that those in positions of power seem develop twisted sexual fantasies alongside them. I will say for certain that there are rich investment bankers living in London, NY, HK who look for a similar service as you talk about.

    1. Agree with all of this, and I think the last thing you said is super interesting as well…my thoughts are that in addition to sexual repression causing one to have more extreme desires, perhaps the people who have EVERYTHING and can do everything find their desires becoming more and more perverse because that which was initially ‘extreme’ ceases to do the job anymore.
      I think that sex and porn can desensitise people very easily, hence one may find themselves going from teen porn to ageplay to CP to hurtcore…the desire for MORE just intensifies and is helped along by internet communities sharing content and discussing their desires with other likeminded people (the Surviving Life YouTube channel goes into stuff like this a lot).
      Porn addiction and the ability to find whatever we desire on the internet (surface web or otherwise) is partly responsible for this IMO. In the case of people like Epstein, I think that money, power and the general feeling that you are invincible causes you to crave more and more. I would also argue that these people are so desensitised to ‘normal’ sex that everything other than the extreme stuff bores them.

      Just my two cents, lol.

      1. Nope, these are not just your two cents. These are well established researched facts. And in fact, when you allude to the fact that if a person wants to practice prostitution, become a pornstar or do basically any other things that degrade the incentive for people to find an exclusive “other”, these types of behaviours are the eventual end result. By the way, this is just the beginning. We will see the real effects of this in the following generations as sexuality becomes more and more desensitised and requires more and more extreme “kinks” in order to get the desired “hit” (much like cocaine). A culture of shame and norms goes some way to preventing this type of behaviour from becoming widely practised, but of course, there is no practical panacea.

  23. i loved your article very much, and i dont normally engage in blogs but i enjoyed the debates here so much. Planning on checking out more of your content.

    To all the people bashing her as for coming out as judgy, I’d say you’re missing out on the bigger picture here, this thing is like a cancer and its spreading fast. Just when I thought I had all the reasons not to bring my babies in this world things get more fucked up esh.

  24. Tudorascu Bogdan Petre

    Girl , you give me hopes. I am ancient being, tribe leader of my people and I say : Power to you. Degenerates , they are hurting life itself .

    I love you from the bottom of my heart ,

  25. Tudorascu Bogdan Petre

    I would also like to add a judgement :
    Muhammad is near me and its disgusted by you , this kind of Arabs. You would hang by the balls if you were in my time.
    Signed Zalmoxis ,
    With autorithy from Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim

  26. So many things new and if you want money you will do anything don’t ask the way if its bad or good. If you want to satisfy yourself you will pay if you are rich. Everything is in secret here both parties will not do it in public. Some don’t care.

  27. Hello, I knew about this things and for people with good looks is actually pretty normal. I am from Madrid and I know how models and disco girl and guy image work in VIPs parties.
    In this situation seeing some of the conversations, there is clearly point out what they have to do and most they agree for the cash and the cloud. Is sad how people degrade themselves for money but because the rest that doesn’t have the looks or the body, just complain or don’t like this, why posting this that doesn’t belong to them on the internet????
    This is not a new thing.
    When I was young I was invited in really famous football players private houses and with a lot of models. Naked, drugs everywhere… but as long as money is in between, who cares. (Phones were confiscated on the entrance of this parties)
    Influencers nowadays do anything for cloud and money.
    Also nowadays with all the platforms is easy to find people willing to do this.

  28. Wow i can’t even type this shit is scary and to know that these girls do this is horrifying but what ia more scary is that I’m arab and to know that guys do this! And abuse not only the women they are inviting but abusing a child and ruin thier lives ( those kids will grow up doing horrible things and do the same thing they were done to in the past)
    Guys don’t say that this girl who wrote the article is judging the Arabs in an Arab and its real i hate how men here look into the women like we are just a toy to play with I’m completely disgusted and not disappointed actually i want to thank the reporter who wrote this article and for warning and saying all the things that need to be said.

    (also i really love your way of writing u go from joking to being serious wish u a good day and accept my bad English lol I’m not really confident about it)

      1. Thank you for a fabulous and informative article. I’m 52 and have always wondered what these “parties” were!! I certainly know now ha ha. If women wish to engage in such activity then that is their choice. I couldn’t agree more regarding the involvement of children, animals and rape. This makes me feel sick. Ok, these young girls can potentially make a huge amount of money, but as an older lady, I really wish they would consider the dangers involved and are putting themselves in extreme danger. I don’t know much about social media, but agreeing to meet someone in a hotel room that you’ve never met, does set alarm bells ringing for me. Thanks for the links too. This old lady is intrigued by it all and it has certainly opened my eyes.

        1. Sorry to disagree Lozzy (and with the utmost respect) “If women wish to engage in such activity then that is their choice.” I believe that as a society we should protect ourselves and our children from the effects such behaviour has on us and our children. The depression, suicide and self-confidence issues that have come to saturate our modern generations are no co-incidence. Shame has practical application. It is supposed to stop stuff like this from becoming the norm. We owe it to our daughters and young women to teach and encourage them to cherish their beauty and save it for the fulfilment that comes with real, reciprocated love from someone that can give them happiness. Not to say “it’s ok / their choice” to sell it, along with their self-dignity, for the short window they have it then join the pile of lonely unfulfilled women disregarded by society once that short window is over and far-less potential partners are interested. If it negatively affects us, surely we have a right to discourage it from being done? If it negatively affects our children, surely we have a moral duty?

  29. I just found your article, this pandemic made me realise that those “influencers” are actually sex workers, naive me never thought about it (!), for real. But now we are in full lockdown in the UK but many “IG models” are in Dubai/Tulum/Maldives and so on and I’ve been like… why? This answers everything.
    Honestly I understand how tempting it is to earn such large amounts of money in a few weeks, but I don’t agree with how do they protray their lifestyle as “model influencers”. So many young naive girls are looking up to their bodies, luxury bags and so on and is just unrealistic.
    I don’t know where those girls will be in a few years, after several months of non-stop partying and dangerous sex practices. I wish some of them spoke about it.

  30. I think it is hilarious that the gal thinks she can retire at 24 with a million dollars and have that last. What an idiot with a very big reality check coming. Luckily, as a 43 yr old male I have made my own wealth and can really retire but 280 x s what she has is something you can retire on.

    Ladies you can be beautiful and have a real career this is not how you make money. My fiancee is stunning (truly and objectively) but she is also an equity partner in a London law firm. I am an exec at a Silicon Valley tech company. We have both done exceedingly well with our crypto investments and we are retiring the moment this COVID thing lifts. The point is you can be the sum of your parts (literally) and when the beauty fades and no one is paying you to do these pathetic things ,you better have MUCH more than a million bucks. Heck, I blew through a million in in 2019 just traveling back and forth to London and getting suites in place like the Ned and Nobu in Shoreditch and a few shopping trips to Bond street..

  31. Your article is trending big time in Romania, where… well, let’s just say that a lot of our Romanian “influencers” who are pretending to be business women are reveled to actually be porta potties, lol.

  32. HFS, almost two years later and this article is still shakin it up across the innerwebz. I just wanted to tip my hat to you, you have stayed true to yourself and your core values across all this time and in the face of what I am sure is a lot more hate and criticism than the visible comments show. Your journalistic endeavors to provide proof and support were to the best of your abilities, indeed I would venture the best any independent journo could do in the face of the aristocracy and the patriarchy’s far and wide reach.

    My two cents: do an in-depth follow up article, I bet there are some ladies in Romania who would be willing to go on the record for you? I just landed here from via google after my friend “learned” me about Dubai Portas and 30 minutes later I’ve read all the comments. The internet is a powerful, strange, dangerous, transformative and beautiful thing…kinda like us….just reinforces my belief that we are largely just apes with technology.

    Keep up the great work, respect from Evan in Los Angeles.

  33. This is a very enlightening, informative and well-written article, so thank you for your contribution. If I may be slightly pedantic (if nothing other than to possibly strengthen your own position moving forward) to say “abusing children and animals […] is not okay in any country, culture or universe” assumes the author is able to decide a universal set of moral values.

    Generally speaking, people I raise this point with aren’t inclined to discuss it much and I suppose it’s quite a challenging paradigm to come to terms with. But what I’m getting at with these types of statements is who gets to define *any* universal rule (e.g. it’s not okay in any country, culture or universe)? There are long-standing cultures that consider things like animal sacrifice, bull-fighting, horse racing, cock fighting and dog breeding as intrinsic to them, for example. Also, who exactly gets to define what cruelty is exactly? Even more, who gets to say whether or not “cruelty” is in fact wrong? Bear in mind, I’m not saying it is! My question is what gives us the right to say it isn’t exactly? If, for example, you ascribe to democratic principles, it’s possible that if enough people were convinced tomorrow, they could hypothetically allow something like fox hunting or (more relevantly) factory farming – and if that’s not cruel, I don’t know what is. If for example a culture sincerely believes that boys must become men in the way described above, and has sincerely held that belief for multiple generations, who are we to impose our judgement and say that they are wrong?

    I’m not saying that the author’s intentions aren’t good either, just that either a) they might benefit from realising that they are asserting their definition of right on wrong on literally the entire universe or b) being clearer as to where that authority to spell out morality comes from. If it’s just the author, then why. If it’s not, then what?

    Again, all of this only if I can, in fact, be slightly pedantic, because otherwise thanks for the great read!

    Ps. I get this was a throwaway comment, but hey it’s the comment section and I’m bored at work on a Friday afternoon ;p

  34. Hello!

    I wanted to inform you, that sadly a German youtuber recently made a video about your article and copied everything. She put youre source in the description box. But she didn’t just quote your article. She copied everything. Even the pauses, even the footnote about the article you could not find. And she isn’t mentioning you in the video at all. I’m German, I assume you’re not speaking German, so I don’t know if the auto translate will show you that too, if you watch the video.

    Maybe you’ve got a YouTube account and can comment or write her, cause it’s not okay that she gains a lot auf traffic without doing anything. Some of the biggest German YouTube already reacting to this video and honoring how good she researched, cause they didn’t check the sources.
    If you know her, and you are okay with that video, than I’m sorry to bother you!

    1. Thank you SO much for bringing this to my attention. I feel sick and am so shocked that somebody would do this. I’ve filed a DMCA Takedown notice. I hope she gets a copyright strike.

      1. Can we please stop saying that whatever a woman consents to is okay? Especially when it comes to young women. That is just neglect masked as tolerance.

        Engaging in abusive acts for money is not okay. You talk about the dangers physically. But you forget the emotional dangers.

        Also it is indeed true as other people have said the laws about animals & children are different in different countries. You draw the line there because in your country they are criminal. But they are not elsewhere. What you should be advocating for is respect for EVERYONE. Including oneself.

        I have no problem with women doing sex work, if they enjoy it. I have a problem with everyone pretending being degraded for money (in whatever way) is “okay” because we want to be “open minded”

      2. They’re a bunch of cheap whores who will do anything for money. They’re so cheap & stupid that they probably feel good about themselves afterwards. They know what they’re getting into & agree to it for a set price. Also, the political aspect can’t be ignored. The wealthy men are sh**ting on America or Great Britain, etc. That is their thinking & the women agree to degrade themselves & their country by doing these disgusting things. They’ll have a million dollars & be able to retire early though!!

  35. Christy Jahlea Jahlou

    60 Minutes did a story about Brunei probably 20 years ago and Western/European Women could go and make $ 30,000- $ 50,000 “entertaining” as part of the “harem” back in the day. They received the latest technology, lived under strict scrutiny in a very controlled system and “entertained”. Yep, we got the memo.
    I just learned about this a week ago. I was researching Indian scammers and then stumbled onto this. My perspective is that both the perpetrator and perpetratee are essentially “cut from the same cloth”, so like attracting like. As it pertains to children and animals I am 100% in agreement that this line is not to be crossed.

  36. Do women realize that a bag is just a small piece of leather, sticher in a certain way? It has no real value. And shoes are shoes too. Men don’t ever see what shoes women wear and also don’t care.

    Men want kind, feminine women, who will be good wives and mothers.

    I don’t know what to do to spread this message far and wide.

    Shoes are shoes and a bag is bag. It’s not worth destroying one’s body, mind and soul for something like that.

    That lady who’s bragging about being retire with $1M… does she know how much a house or a nice costs? Whatever she’s left with will not last her a year. Money that come easily, are squandered easily. Unless she’s some kind of a financial eminence, she will back eating poop and r*ping k*dz in a year or two.

    Also, how can she sleep at night? Or does she have neightmare and wakes up screaming and crying, like the other lady?

    Sure, it’s nice to have money (and I speak from experience), but nothing of real, actual value for can be bought with money. I am very very serious about this. I know that many people don’t understand this.

    Sure, it’s nice to not worry about tomorrow, and have a nice house or cars, but all that becomes your new normal very very soon. It’s nothing to brag about. Only shallow new money want to show off and expect preferential treat and recognition — which they will not get it, or not to the extent that they want, and then they will be empty inside once again.

    So, let’s say, you go and buy a car, you like it, you take it home, and in a few days you’ll feel the same as before buying the car. It’s just a small euphorical kick. Other times I don’t feel anything at all. I just buy what I need, and it’s normal — just like buying a loaf of bread. You’ll not go bragging around to everyone “I bought bread, I bought bread, check out what a nice loaf I’ve got here!”

    So for these people, to give these women $20k or even much more, it’s like 1 cent for you. Imagine being able to buy people and do whatever you want to do to them for a cent, and then doing it. They are clearly very very bad people, and I cannot believe that people like that elactually exist.

    I pray to God that everyone will be a multimillionaire, just to see that it’s very very overrated.

    Read about the longest study on happiness. If you’re making $70k a year, then all of your necessities are already met. Anything extra will not bring an exponential amount of happiness into your life. It’s a very good study from Harvard.

    And I have so many stories from myself and my friends! Work to have all of your basic necessities met, and the surround yourself with good people and family. That is real happiness. Everything else is not as important as most think.

    Live good & honorable lives, and you will sleep like a rock each evening. Have something to wake for each morning and you will have a smile on your face when you do. This is what life is all about.

  37. MoronjezebelTheYTgurl

    Yeah, if a woman does all those sickening things to a man, you would greatly appreciate and approve of that. Now if it’s the other way around, you would be in total disgust and full of anger. Some people are you. Misandrist.

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  41. It is wild to read. I guess when you have it all, regular is boring. Maybe growing up with untold wealth in a culture where women have no rights skews things. I can’t pretend to know.

    I wish I was rich and could find some insanely beautiful women to screw. Shopping, lump of cash and jewelry. But I wouldn’t want to hurt them or degrade them. I would want them to pretend they wanted me and have a night of great sex. Sounds better than the stress of a relationship.

    But maybe having it all would make me a sicko too like Cosby, Trump, and Weinstein.

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