Brima Models: A Dark Story of Child Sex Trafficking on the Surface Web

9900 people type the phrase ‘Brima Models’ into Google every month.

This number is not insignificant. As somebody who spends hours and hours every week conducting keyword research for various topics, believe me when I tell you that 9900 is a lot of people. Variants of the ‘Brima Models’ keyword (such as ‘Brima Model’ and ‘Brima d Models’) also get thousands of searches every month.

This might not mean anything to you right now, but it will soon.

The first Google result is the Brima Models website, which is not currently live. We will return to what used to be on this website in a little while.

The second result is a link to an Instagram profile with over 3000 followers. The profile appears to be a regular child modelling agency, with professional-looking photographs of young girls modelling clothes. 

Nothing inappropriate, although it is interesting to note that the comments have been disabled. 

A closer look at who is following the page reveals that Brima Models’ followers are almost entirely adult men with private accounts and no profile pictures. A brief snoop into who some of these men are following reveals scores of BDSM accounts, bondage accounts and other sexualised content. I would like you to remember this. 

The other Google results for Brima Models are mostly links to Pinterest pages, again with seemingly innocuous photographs of girls modelling clothes.

What you don’t find are any Trustpilot style websites regarding the validity of Brima Models as a modelling agency, top 10 agency lists featuring Brima Models, or, well…ANYTHING. 

It’s as if Brima Models does not exist.

And maybe it doesn’t.

Or maybe we are looking in the wrong places.

Brima Models: A Dark Story of Child Sex Trafficking on the Surface Web

The Surface Web, the Deep Web and the Dark Web

To the uninitiated, the terms ‘dark net,’ or ‘dark web’ may be completely foreign. Others may have some idea of what these words mean, but not an in-depth knowledge.

I will try to give you a brief outline of what these things mean.

Think of the internet as an iceberg. The part of the iceberg that you can actually see sticking out of the water is actually a tiny part of the iceberg itself. The vast majority of the iceberg is hidden from view, underneath the water.

That bit that you can see sticking out can be compared to the surface web or clear net. The surface web is what you are using right now. It is the internet that we all use every day for work, Netflix and social media.

If somebody commits a crime and searches on Google for ‘where to hide a body’ etc. they will likely be caught by the police. This is because the surface web is accessible to anyone using the internet, and it largely lacks anonymity. 

The deep web, also known as the ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ web, refers to the part of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. This can include medical records, online banking or anything else requiring special credentials to view. It is said that the deep web makes up 96-99% of the internet. 

The dark net refers to things that have been intentionally hidden and require a specific browser, named Tor, to access. The dark web accounts for around 5% of the entire internet and is essentially the Wild West of the web. 

You can be completely anonymous on the dark web, and this is why it is known as a hotbed of criminal activity. You can buy false identification, stolen credit cards, drugs, guns, and even children on the dark web. On the dark web you will find everyone from (alleged) hitmen and hackers to human traffickers.

You can also find scores of self-professed paedophiles discussing Brima Models. 

what is the darknet
The dark net is the part of the internet that is intentionally hidden

Brima Models on YouTube

Before we dive down into the rabbit hole that is the dark web, we need to rewind and go back to where this all began – YouTube.

Brima Models used to have a YouTube channel with over 30,000 subscribers (the channel has since been removed by YouTube).

The channel contained videos of little girls dressed in costumes such as French Maid outfits, Nurse outfits and schoolgirl outfits. The costumes were very revealing, and were almost always paired with stiletto heels and lingering shots of the girls bodies, with the cameras positioned in a way to facilitate lots of ‘upskirt’ angles.

The girls in the videos appeared to be very, very young, and the comments were disabled.

Now, I’m no expert on child modelling, but even I can tell you that upskirt shots of 8 year olds in high heels does not seem – how to put it – typical of a child modelling agency.

In fact, you would be forgiven for saying that it seems highly inappropriate.

In the video descriptions for all of the Brima Models YouTube videos, there was a link to their website. It isn’t a stretch to say that the purpose of the YouTube channel was to promote the website.

brima models
Where it all began…


The Brima Models website was, at first glance, a regular child modelling website. The homepage showed a banner image of two young girls wearing long sleeved t-shirts and leggings, with the tagline ‘Professional Model Agency’ displayed under the site’s logo. The purpose of this website, it seemed, was to showcase the portfolios of child models available for hire.

However, the deeper you delve into the Brima Models website, the more disturbing it becomes.

While there are plenty of very innocent images of fully-clothed young girls, they are interspersed with photographs of a more suspicious nature.

Very young girls wearing full PVC catsuits, bikinis and nylon tights (with little else) are displayed proudly on the pages of the website, and there is also a site shop where you can buy books displaying the photos, payable only in Bitcoin.

If that sentence doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, then I’d like you to go back and read it again.

You can buy books from the Brima Models website, which feature images of little girls wearing fetish clothing, lingerie and bikinis. You can only pay for these books using a cryptocurrency. 

I would like you to ask yourself, who is buying these books?

A girl wearing a Nurse costume, the kind of ‘Sexy Nurse’ outfit that we may see adult women wearing on Halloween, smiles at the camera, her over-the-knee socks, high heels and mini-dress far removed from what a typical child’s Nurse outfit would look like.

Another girl lies on a bed wearing a red tartan mini-skirt and cropped white blouse, schoolgirl style. The mini-skirt is lifted up to display her white thong panties, pink stockings and high heels, her hair in pigtails. She could be a stripper. But she isn’t. She’s a child. 

Many of the images feature children wearing these ‘adult’ costumes, which are actually made to order by one of the owners of the website, Elena. When you have adult men requesting child-size replicas of stripper outfits and the owner of a ‘modelling agency’ creating these outfits and shooting ‘sexy’ photoshoots of children wearing them, there is something wrong.

There is something very wrong.

The images are not explicit, neither are they illegal.

However, they certainly blur the lines of illegal vs. legal content by showing children in highly suggestive poses, wearing barely any clothes or fetish-gear, and make no mistake about it – while nylon tights may seem innocent enough to most of you, for a paedophile with a pantyhose fetish, seeing little girls wearing nylon tights is more appealing than a fully nude child.

You might think that I am reaching here, and that’s okay.

Let’s continue.

BrimaModels.Net was disturbing to me. takes it to the next level.

While was a website showcasing various ‘child models,’, which is still live right now, is a place where you can buy HD video and photo sets of very young girls, as well as ordering your own custom video sets, priced at just 19.95 USD and delivered in 1-2 days.

The ‘Customs’ page of the website boasts that you can choose the age of the girl, dictate what she wears, and also where the video is filmed. ‘Hotel rooms’ are a possible shooting location, and ‘bras, stockings, pantyhose, underwear and a lot more,’ are among the clothing options.

You can ‘describe that the girl will be do on each picture or on each second of video.’ (sic).

Again, I ask you – who do you think is buying these photo and video sets, and what do you think they contain?

As it happens, there is a forum dedicated to Brima Models on the dark web, and reading some of the comments, you can get a pretty good idea of just what type of person is paying for these videos…

Brima Models and the Dark Web

On Surviving Life’s YouTube videos, Ron discovers a forum on a dark net website. The website, which is apparently a site of child abuse content, has a discussion thread on its forums dedicated to Brima Models.

Users with usernames such as ‘PedPed’ are active on the forum, along with some other equally disturbing commenters.

Underneath a picture of a very young child wearing a silver bikini and high heels and posing provocatively, comments include ‘that is one smoking hot girl,’ to ‘so hot when girls dress up slutty.’

I will reiterate that the girl in the picture is very young. If I had to guess, I’d say she is between 10-12 years of age.

Another forum member bemoans the lack of ‘quality underage content’ available nowadays, saying ‘We are in a time when new and good quality underage content is EXTREMELY difficult to find. 15 years ago, there were at least 100 active studios …today less than 10 and less than 2 really interesting.’

Another brags about his private collection, saying ‘I have Christie B topless.’

If anybody is still in doubt about the nature of Brima Models’ content, yet another forum member clears it up, saying that the site owner’s ‘stuff would definitely be considered CP (child p*rn) in most countries.’

In addition to their distasteful and often crude comments (I have omitted the worst), the forum members also give away details about the way that Brima Models operates, as well as shedding some light on its owners, married couple Elena and Mario Gugimaier (22 and 35).

They allege that Elena is a ‘closet lesbian and paedophile,’ and divulge that in order to buy anything from Brima Models, one must submit their passport/identification documents in order to ensure ‘mutual destruction’ if they leak any of the content or go to the authorities.

Brima Models…Where Are They Now?

As I’ve said a number of times in this article, the .com site for Brima Models is no longer active and the domain has expired.

Their Twitter account has been suspended, their YouTube channel has been removed, and their last Instagram post was on June 26, 2020.

There is a very good reason for all of this.

On July 7, 2020, Ukrainian television station and news outlet hromadske published an article saying that Elena and Mario Gugimaier had been arrested in the Vinnytsia region of Ukraine for running a child p*rn studio under the guide of being a child modelling agency.

A short video in the article shows the police raiding the couple’s property.

As far as I can glean, the couple is currently in jail, but information surrounding Brima Models and this case is scarce. It seems that even in local news, it was barely covered.


While their arrest may seem like a happy ending, the Brima Models .NET site is still up and running, and according to the home page, is still producing fresh custom content.

Every single day throughout March of 2021, a new photo/video set was uploaded, which all the members of the site have access to. Each set contains upwards of 200 photographs (with one set having 395 pictures) and a video between 8-19 minutes long.

This means that in the month of March, Brima Models released at least 30 videos and thousands of images of children, all in lingerie or less, and behind a paywall.

Who is running the show now?

As far as it seems, it is business as usual at Brima studios, despite the fact that its ringleaders are supposedly in jail.

This begs the question, why is this website still live and functioning as normal?

Why is Brima Models still producing content and why is it still possible for the members to view and download said content?

In addition to this, we know that every paying member of Brima Models has to send over their identifying information in order to register, and so we would imagine that the police have that information now. Why are these individuals not locked up?

Why have the children in the videos not been identified, and if they have, why is fresh content of these little girls still being produced and released every day?

I am not in law enforcement, but these seem like valid questions.

Brima Models…Where Do We Go From Here?

The deeper you go down the Brima Models rabbit hole, the stranger everything gets.

For every question that is answered, another seven pop up in its place, and the truth becomes more and more elusive.

Elena and Mario Gugimaier may be in jail, but what is happening with the Brima Models website and the young girls being exploited for sick and depraved individuals online?

I don’t have the answers, but what I do know is that I have a platform and I have a voice. I may not be a journalist, and this humble blog may not be a national newspaper, but if I can draw any attention to this issue then I absolutely will.

If you are a journalist then I beg you to investigate this issue and shine a light on it for the world to see.

If you have a public platform of any kind then I implore you to use that platform to get the word out about Brima Models and their child abuse studio in Ukraine.

Lastly, if you can, please share this article and make the people on your friends lists aware of Brima Models.

Send this to your Ukrainian friends and ask them if they can find out any more information about Elena and Mario Gugimaier.

Until Brima Models is completely shut down and its children are out of harm’s way, this will be our problem.

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Brima Models - a dark stort of child sex trafficking on the surface web. #CSE #CSEC #childabuse #humanrights #sextrafficking #humantrafficking
Brima Models - a dark stort of child sex trafficking on the surface web. #CSE #CSEC #childabuse #humanrights #sextrafficking #humantrafficking
Brima Models - a dark stort of child sex trafficking on the surface web. #CSE #CSEC #childabuse #humanrights #sextrafficking #humantrafficking


  1. On behalf of the Surviving Life team great article. We are still following this case and we greatly appreciate the time you put into your article.



    1. Per my post last night, please reach out to me on Linkedin. Yes Ukraine pornographers have ties to Russia’s state sanctioned sex industry, so it’s better to not put too much out in a public space. DHI or the FBI at some level may have interest? But note that stats and reports given to NCMEC actually get turned over to the “Secret Service” as an investigative authority. Feds lack resources and jurisdiction, but that said, you can look at FBI Operations TOREPEDO, PLAYPEN & PACIFIER to note that they track such content feverishly.

  3. Amazing work, this is unbelievable. My heart aches, is there an update? I would love to joint the fight. I am at your service

  4. 😫 I thought I was the only one. A few months ago as I was searching for local cafes in California, and after viewing about a dozen, I stumbled upon a cafe Loli, clicked on images, and my heart sunk to my stomach and started shaking in fear. It seems like the same type of content that you mentioned, but didn’t seem operational. Images had a watermark ” candydolls tv” on them. I followed standard procedure and contacted cyperangels, cybercrime tip, recommended those sites to me. And as I went deeper into the rabbit hole, a lot of articles popped up about how they were starting to crackdown on these types of websites, and a bunch of other websites similar to brim models and candydoll. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen worse content on my little cousins, nieces, and nephews tik tok feed, but I’m glad I didn’t stumble upon other awful stuff. Though there’s some significant progress, as of now, it looks like they’re cracking down significantly.

    There needs to be more articles like this, thank you.

  5. The girl is still active, If you search her name on google, you’ll find her Instagram, Facebook and Etsy shop and her last post was on August 3.

  6. This problem is not only related to brima, there are much worse and bigger things, as there are dozens and perhaps hundreds of forums that contain hundreds of thousands of images, videos and files that target children! I am fairly sure that many officials are aware of this, as there are forums that were established more than 10 years ago!! And it still works so far normally, like the AR**BS forum. This forum contains hundreds of thousands of videos, and perhaps millions of images as well, which are pornographic to children, as 90% of its content targets children. This forum was established in 2011 and it depends On a site for trading compressed files, and here lies the disaster!! As this site is completely legal, although it contains a lot of illegal files that exploit children, knowing that this site offers you an option, which is free and paid download, and payment methods are by credit cards or bitcoins, and I think that this site knows that there is a large part A lot of illegal files are circulated in it, as there are child pornography files that were published on it 10 years ago and have not been deleted yet! And there are other things that are much worse related to social networking sites such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Like, or Instagram… 🔴🔴 Where there are tens of thousands of videos of children completely undressing in front of the camera and doing obscene, sexual and scandalous things, and I believe that there are Global corruption and negligence in this regard. Can I communicate with you to give you the links of the forums??

    1. Hi SA
      I started out some 20 years ago by working with an online group that sought out and reported inappropriate, exploitative and pornographic material on forums that involved children. Some of my reports in turn led to several sites being investigated and shut down, with over 100 arrests. 12chan was one such site, as was the Forbidden Realms. There have been many more sites and forums that have disappeared following my reports, but details are scarce as one, I dont divulge who I am (I dont do this for reward and backslaps) and two, operational procedures prevent updates or, indeed, any information relating to ongoing operations. Many such takedowns are never reported in the media either.
      More recently, I submitted numerous reports about 3 websites/forums known as the ‘Triforce/Trichans’, those being 180chan, 144chan and 155chan. I reported these to the NCMEC in the US, Cybertip, Interpol and the IWF here in the UK. The 3 sites, all interlinked, had thousands of exploitative and pornographic images of children online, with thousands of links to material stored on online servers for download, all passworded. I reported many of these to the owners of the servers, with some success and removals of content.
      Now, the IWF states it is the UKs leading agency in the seeking out and removal of such images from the web…..apparently.
      Now, a post was made by a UK user stating that the three sites had been blocked by TalkTalk, an internet provider here in the UK, and he couldnt access them. This led the owner of the sites to discover he was on a list of sites to be blocked by the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation).
      In response to being blocked, he appealed to the IWF to have the block lifted…..
      And thats exactly what they did. They lifted the block, but with one condition. That condition was that they ‘Remove any content or images that is reported to the owner of the site by its visitors/users’.
      Let me just clarify the meaning of this. A series of websites, set up to give paedophiles access to sexually orientated, targeted or pornographic content involving children, is allowed to continue operating with no restriction, so long as any reported content is removed. Thats what the condition was.
      But who, visiting a site looking for sexually exploitative material relating to children, and child pornography, is going to report such content? Exactly. Nobody.
      Basically, the IWF were giving the Triforce the go ahead to operate freely, providing such content to anyone seeking it.
      I still have screen shots of the post relating to this as evidence of the fact.
      Following this revelation, I contacted the IWF and asked why they were allowing this to continue. I received no reply, despite numerous emails.
      Now. I want to make a comparison here.
      An application was put before the high courts in relation to file sharing sites and other sites providing streaming of sports events, such as football. The application was submitted by those bodies and sports media corporations who had paid for the rights to supply such content to the viewing public. By such sites streaming such content for free, they were claiming to be losing millions in revenue.
      The application was approved and such sites blocked within a period of months.
      However, despite the govts promise to crack down on child exploitative and pornographic content over 10 years ago, we are still no closer to such content being blocked.
      This tells me that profits are more important than child safety in the eyes of the law.
      But it doesnt tell me why the IWF allowed a site to continue operating without restriction.

    2. If you contact me through LinkedIn, I can get a folder or file and offer my email through the LinkedIn site. Some URL’s get censored when put in the body of an email, folders as attachments work better. On Linkedin I have 220 National News connections, 200 within Human Trafficking, 100 from Law Enforcement & 32 US Congressman. The issues are complex! From my view 3rd party image hosting sites are often registered in the USA, even though the sites are registered offshore. Emload, Jumpload & kshared are examples and if I can find and identify them, so can the FBI! I am P.O.S.T. certified in both “Sex Crime Investigations” & “Child Abuse Investigations”, this certification is on my LinkedIn profile. To give a clue to my own struggles with the FBI on such matters, in 2004 they threatened to delete any email I sent them, I was taking down polygamous prophet Warren Jeffs before the FBI had decided to be in the game! The unforgivable a FBI response I had published. – I was recruited by the Cyber Angels, a division of the GUARDIAN ANGELS in 1995, I go way back! In Sex Crimes Investigations I was trained by PhD Robert Morneau from the FBI, sort of hard to state I am unaware of protocols. I came out of Gang Intervention and was a statewide resource in California 1991-1999 per the link, first entry in the right column in the OCJP directory.
      This issue needs a squeaky wheel, and I am that and a thorn in the side of many agencies. Enforcement from the bottom up, ignores the 3rd party sites that could bring this distribution to a crawl. Image hosting, financial transfers and even access to the cloud through Cloudflare all facilitate the sites that remain up. In Russia’s case state actors are involved!

  7. Oh, get a life. What is wrong with you virtue signaling people who spend your lives fighting what you perceive to be ‘child porn’ when it’s nothing more than under 18 year olds modeling. If you don’t like it, I suggest you move to a moslem controlled country where females are covered from head to toe in burkas. You all need to ask yourselves: “Why am I devoting my life to complaining about pictures of girls in swim suits?” “What happened to me to make me over sensitive about this innocuous issue?” That’s the real problem here.

    I’m not talking about real child porn, I’m just talking about sites with pictures of girls in regular clothing such as swim suits, costumes, skirts, dance attire, etc. All perfectly legal and you can look in any catalog from KMart, Target, Ross, etc. to see similar pictures. If you’re triggered by that, go seek professional help.

  8. The Ukrainian Police are corrupt and run many of the brothels or did, especially, in the area of the Port of Odessa. I am on LINKEDIN my name is Jay Beswick and I would like any additional info you might have. I worked in the Warren Jeffs polygamy case for 11 years 2000 to 2011 ending in Texas at his trial. I work with several non-profits now. My small network has 220 National News agency contacts, 100 Anti Trafficking NGO’s or Non-Profits, 100 from Law Enforcement Globally and 32 members of the US Congress. After I get money in my dormant PayPal account, I will buy you that coffee. I have most of what you mentioned or more! I am a P.O.S.T. Certified Sex Crimes Investigator and I work related to Trans-National Gangs. Contact me through Linkedin please!

  9. The copycat site is alive and well. The domain is registered in 2021 with NameCheap, Inc registrar (US based). Their private registration is through some company in Iceland. Their mail server is in the UK ( The website for the clothing is now called and redirects to the other one. In my opinion, it is possible that someone has got a hold of the entire file depository of the original site and is trying to resell sets pretending them to be new. They operate on a monthly subscription base.

  10. It seems this is spreading like wildfire. I posted on here May 20 2022. The websites that produced illegal content similar to cafe loli were successfully taken down after numerous reports were filed. Unfortunately, one simple search engine result of Brimamodels or candydolltv models will lead to a whole bunch of nippy websites that upload illegal content. I’ve submitted about a half a dozen or so times over the past 14 months, and they’re still up. A lot, and I mean a lot of girls under 18 from all over the world are filming themselves naked and doing stuff. Not only that, but web addresses that are uploaded on the nippy websites that lead to illegal content. Where is the line drawn when kids themselves are doing this out of free will with no responsibility? Aside from little kids posting vids and pics on social media for the world to see, they’re being forcibly sexualized at a young age. I wish I have never stumbled upon this page, as I was doing a paper for school on sex trafficking. It has brought me down the rabbit hole I had no intention of going. It is a lot worse than I had imagined.

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