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Fairytale Athens – The Most Aesthetic Athens Brunch Café

I’m a sucker for whimsical, themed cafes, and so when I visited Athens for the first time and came across Fairytale on Google Maps, I knew I had to check it out.

Athens has no shortage of Instagrammable places to eat, and in a city full of aesthetic cafes, it’s difficult to stand out.

Fairytale Athens, however, is 10 steps ahead.

Imagine a bunch of flamingos wandering around a floral ice cream parlour.

Now imagine a unicorn comes along and vomits cherry blossoms everywhere, before the Mad Hatter arrives with a limitless supply of cupcakes and marshmallows.

That’s what it’s like stepping into Fairytale.

In this post, I’m going to share my honest opinions about Fairytale, Athens, and whether it lives up to the hype. I’ll also be sharing what’s on the menu, and how much you can expect to spend while you’re there, so if you’re debating whether Fairytale is worth visiting, just keep reading.

the author posing in front of pink feathered wings in little kook
Make sure your phone is charged – there are plenty of photo opps!

Fairytale Athens – The Most Aesthetic Athens Brunch Café

Fairytale – For Ladies Who Brunch

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge uptick in so-called ‘Instagrammable cafes’ and ‘aesthetic brunch spots.’

Viral videos on social media and the trend of ‘romanticising your life’ have resulted in people choosing more photogenic spots to eat, safe in the knowledge that their followers will be jealous of them when they upload the pictures later.

Naturally, businesses have leaned into the trend, and Fairytale is no different.

According to their website, Fairytale café is ‘The most Instagrammable place in Athens,’ and their 82,000 Instagram followers seem to agree!

Fairytale Athens first opened their doors in 2014 with their original café in Nea Filadelfia. Ten years on they have 3 branches, all serving photogenic brunch plates, artisan coffee, cocktails, and desserts.

My Experience at Fairytale Café, Athens

Along with two friends, I visited Fairytale Psyrii (the most central branch).

As we navigated the narrow bohemian streets of the Psyrri neighbourhood, I kept my eyes on my phone, following along with Google Maps.

However, the moment Fairytale café came into view, I knew we’d arrived.

fairytale cafe athens psyrii
Fairytale is certainly eye-catching
pink gorilla at fairytale psyrii
The doorman

Gigantic pink balls (not quite sure what they’re supposed to be?), flowers everywhere, and a bubblegum pink gorilla all reassured us that we were in the right place – and that’s before we noticed the flamingo on the balcony!

The first room that we entered was themed like a jungle rainforest, with zebra-print booths, foliage covering the walls, and butterflies and peacocks hanging from the ceiling.

jungle themed room at fairytale cafe athens
The jungle room

We continued on into the next room, which was incredibly pink and floral.

Rose gold finishes, marble floors, flamingos and roses mounted on the walls, cherry blossom trees, and pink velvet chairs gave me the feeling that I’d stepped right into Barbie’s bedroom.

fairytale athens

In this room is a pink dresser where you can buy souvenirs (Fairytale’s website also has a shop).

When I visited, you could buy wine glasses, candles, teddy bears, and bath products, although I will warn you – they’re expensive.

At the time of writing, a candle on the website costs 25 EUR, and a Fairytale mug costs 34 EUR, so…yeah.

When we’d had a look around, the woman who had greeted us said ‘Don’t forget to have a look upstairs, we have a flamingo room!’

Well, you didn’t need to tell us twice, so up the stairs we headed (there’s also an elevator available, should you need it).

And what is the flamingo room like?

fairytale athens
The flamingo room

Well, if we thought that the downstairs rooms were extravagant, the flamingo room was like Barbie’s bedroom on crack.

Gone were the dusky pale pinks of the ground floor, replaced with unapologetic fuchsia, gigantic flamingos, an entire ceiling made of artificial cherry blossoms, and even a Mad Hatter’s style tea party room (which you can hire for private events).

There’s a small balcony where you can sit next to a larger than life flamingo, or you can sit on a pink leopard print chair indoors, which was what we did.

fairytale athens
The tea party room!

Fairytale Athens Menu

The Fairytale menu is centred around an all-day brunch concept.

Brunch highlights include ‘Granny’s apple pie pancakes,’ which come with salted caramel, vanilla ice-cream, fresh apples, butter biscuits, and cinnamon (8.50 EUR), Nutella French toast with strawberries, butter biscuits, and whipped cream (7.50 EUR), and savoury classics like Eggs Benedict (9.90 EUR).

There are also smoothies and milkshakes, Fairytale’s signature pink, lilac, and blue coffees, a wide range of teas (including Dreamy Forest chocolate and cherry black tea, which sounds delicious).

For those of you who enjoy a boozy brunch, there’s a modest selection of themed cocktails, priced between 10 – 13 EUR.

I was particularly intrigued by the hot chocolate selection, which included blue bubblegum hot chocolate, apple pie chocolate, and Nutella donut hot chocolate.

I wasn’t feeling hungry enough for anything so rich, so I went for a ‘Pink Magic Lychee Latte,’ which was a condensed milk drink served with pink lychee syrup, with edible pink pearls and flower petals (5.90 EUR).

It was served in a deconstructed format which made me feel a bit like I was taking a potions lesson at Hogwarts!

an ice drink with milk and pink syrup
My drink!

My friend Marika chose the ‘Blue Sapphire Violet Latte,’ which was the same as mine, only with violet syrup.

The drinks were both lovely and refreshing, and had just the right amount of sweetness.

fairytale athens
My drink at Fairytale café

For her drink, Katie ordered the ‘Bueno Caprice Chocolate,’ which was a Kinder Bueno hot chocolate served with fudge caramel, whipped cream, and Caprice chocolate wafers (6.50 EUR).

She was NOT disappointed, and when I tried a sip, I could understand why – it was unreal.

toffee chocolate milkshake

Fairytale Athens Prices

Fairytale certainly isn’t cheap, but I wouldn’t say that it’s more expensive than you’d expect, given the type of café it is, and how beautifully the food is presented.

Let’s be honest, you’re paying for the experience more than the food.

A regular cappuccino here is 4.30 EUR, and the cakes are priced between 6.50 and 10 EUR.

In fact, most things on the food menu are under 10 EUR.

As a comparison, cakes at Little Kook (another famous themed café in Athens) are between 11 – 14 EUR, and the rest of their menu is also more expensive.

Is Fairytale Vegan-Friendly?


When it comes to food, vegetarians are well looked after, with many of the items on the brunch menu being 100% vegetarian.

Vegans have less choice, but there is still some choice.

For coffees, you can opt for almond milk rather than cow’s milk for an extra 70c.

Other vegan options are the Açaí Maple Energy Bowl (yoghurt, maple syrup, berries, coconut, peanut butter, chia, and granola), and the coconut turmeric smoothie.

It isn’t specified whether any of the cakes are vegan-friendly, but neither are they labelled as vegetarian, so I would ask a member of staff if you need clarification on that.

the author posing with a flamingo
Couldn’t resist another pic!

Key Information

Where is Fairytale Athens?

There are three branches of Fairytale cafe in Athens.

The only central branch is at Leokoriou 16, Athina 105 54 (Google Maps link), which is the one that I visited.

You can find the two other branches at Tripia 48, Nea Filadelfia 143 41 (Google maps link), and Irakliou 6, Chalandri 152 32 (Google maps link).

Fairytale opening times

Fairytale is open every day from 10:00am until midnight. You can reserve a table using this link.

Brunch is served until 6pm, with cakes, sandwiches and pinsa pizzas being served all day.

fairytale cafe in athens
Just – wow!

My Honest Opinion of Fairytale Athens

I really liked Fairytale.

It’s not as much of a jaw-dropping experience as Little Kook is (frankly, I’m not sure anything could be), but it’s definitely somewhere to go if you want an aesthetic brunch!

In my honest opinion, it is on the pricey side, but it provides more value for money than Little Kook, and I love how creative the menu is.

The savoury options are quite limited, but the milkshakes and hot chocolate offerings are really unique, and they all stick to the whimsical, fairytale theme.

There’s also plenty of opportunity to take cute pictures – Fairytale was designed specifically with Instagram in mind, so even the lighting is on point!

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That’s all for today, but as always, if you have any questions then please reach out to me in the comments section below.

Until next time,


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