6 Ways to Create the Perfect Cosy Hygge Bedroom

I think that one of the most important places to cultivate a hygge atmosphere is the bedroom.

A hygge bedroom is the perfect place to snuggle up under the covers with a good book, sip hot tea while looking out of the window, and snooze as the morning sunlight streams in through the window.

I rounded up some beautiful items on Etsy to create the ultimate hygge bedroom inspiration board. Scented candles, embroidered cushions and knitted throws are just some of the gorgeous things that make up this list, and every single thing has been chosen with a hygge bedroom in mind (although you can use them anywhere!).

Are you ready?

Good. Then let’s dive in.

6 Ways to Create the Perfect Cosy Hygge Bedroom

1. Cushions, Throws and Bedspreads

Every hygge bedroom needs an abundance of soft cushions and throws, with different materials and textures adding to the sensory experience and overall cosiness.

Snuggling up in a blanket, surrounded by cushions is super hygge, and the more you have, the more hygge you’ll be!

Here are my favourite hygge cushions and throws from Etsy. You can click on the pictures or links underneath to be taken to the webpage!

linen duvet cover
This stonewashed duvet cover with coconut buttons, made from 100% European linen
waterproof cushion with aztec print
This waterproof indoor/outdoor cushion with Aztec print
handmade indian throw
This handmade embroidered throw, made by Indian artisans
handmade turkish blanket
These handwoven Turkish blankets made from 100% cotton
knit blanket made from merino wool
This chunky knit throw made from luxury Merino wool
turkish kilim cushion
This traditional Turkish Kilim cushion cover
faux fur throw in grey
This faux fur wolf throw in grey
moroccan blanket with pompoms
This Moroccan blanket with pompoms
mandala cushion
These mandala-print cushion covers

2. Candles and Candle Holders

Every hygge bedroom needs candles. In fact, Scandinavians would say that a home cannot be hygge at all without candles dotted around everywhere!

I selected each of these candles (and candle holders) based on something different. For some, it was purely the aesthetic, but others made the list for their scrumptious scents, or the fact that they are handcrafted or made from some sort of special material.

I hope you like my picks!

handmade candle with dried flowers
This handmade candle with dried flowers
lantern, hygge bedroom
This handmade candle lantern
cinnamon and orange soy candles
These cinnamon and orange vegan soy candles with decorative healing crystals
palm wax candle
This environmentally friendly palm wax candle in a coconut shell
tree branch candle holders
This set of 3 tree branch candle holders

3. Shelves

Shelves may not be necessarily hygge in themselves, but your hygge bedroom needs a place to put all of those beautiful candles!

Not only are all of these shelves beautiful, but two of them even have a tree branch design, and every hygge-lover knows that bringing the natural world inside is one of the best ways to get hygge!

Here are my favourite shelves for a hygge bedroom.

iron wall shelf
This iron branch wall shelf with gold leaf finish

4. Artwork and Wall Hangings

You definitely need some artwork in your hygge bedroom, and I found some stunning pieces. Most of them bring the outside in, with inspiration taken from nature.

Here are my faves.

botanical prints
These botanical wall prints
hygge bedroom wall hanging
This wall hanging with wooden beads and dried flowers
moon prints
This set of 3 lunar phase prints
bamboo wall hanging
This Macramé bamboo wall hanging, handmade in Bali
macrame wall hanging
These macramé 3 leaf wall hangings

5. Rugs

Rugs are a staple of any hygge home. Feeling soft wool or sheepskin underneath your bare feet is a great sensory experience, and definitely adds cosiness to any room.

I chose these rugs based not only on their materials, but also because the designs are all super cosy and perfect for your hygge bedroom.

sheepskin rug
This beautiful white sheepskin rug
icelandic sheepskin rug
This Icelandic sheepskin rug
blue dhurrie rug
This block-printed dhurrie rug, handcrafted in Jaipur

6. Everything Else…

While I wanted everything in this post to fit neatly into specific categories, there were some things that I found that I just couldn’t resist including in this post.

The items below are all perfect additions to your hygge bedroom (or any room to be honest!), and I hope that you take as much inspiration from them as I have.

rowan wood sticks
These decorative Rowan wood sticks from Latvia
wooden apple crates
These rustic wooden apple crates

So, that brings us to the end of my hygge bedroom inspiration! Hygge is all about being COSY, and that’s why I chose warm colours, soft textures (um, hello sheepskin!), beautiful scents, soft lighting and lots of natural materials to really bring the outside in.

I hope that this list inspired you to turn your bedroom into a hygge paradise – creating it definitely inspired me!

As always, do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you!


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Hygge Bedroom Inspiration | 52 Stunning Picks from Etsy for the Ultimate Hygge Bedroom - I rounded up some beautiful items to create the ultimate hygge bedroom. Scented candles, embroidered cushions & knitted throws aplenty make up this list. #hygge #hyggehome #hyggebedroom #bohointerior #bohodecor #homeinspo
Hygge Bedroom Inspiration | 52 Stunning Picks from Etsy for the Ultimate Hygge Bedroom - I rounded up some beautiful items to create the ultimate hygge bedroom. Scented candles, embroidered cushions & knitted throws aplenty make up this list. #hygge #hyggehome #hyggebedroom #bohointerior #bohodecor #homeinspo

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