The Perfect Scandi Homeware, Decor, and Accessories for Every Room

Visit almost any homeware website and you’ll find some kind of ‘Scandinavian inspired‘ collection.

Scandinavian décor has become somewhat of a global phenomenon, and whether you live in a Brooklyn-style loft apartment or a semi-detached house in the suburbs, chances are you’ve been considering implementing elements of Scandi design in your own home.

With clean lines, open spaces and functional furniture, Scandinavian interior design creates a feeling of harmony and tranquillity, and with more and more people turning towards sustainability and minimalism in their homes, the Scandi homeware trend is only increasing in popularity.

However, styling the perfect Nordic house is no easy feat.

Creating a Scandi home requires you to exercise extreme restraint and minimalism while still making your living space warm, cosy and inviting.

So, where do you begin?

Read on for my tips on how to create a stunning Scandi living space, as well as my best Scandi homeware picks from the web.

An Intro to Scandi Homeware

What is Scandi Interior Design?

The Scandinavian lifestyle is minimalistic yet cosy, functional yet chic, and this is exactly what Scandinavian interior design and Scandi style homeware are all about.

Sleek, modern décor can often feel cold and uninviting, but Scandinavian interior design takes those sparse, minimalist spaces and incorporates natural accents, soft textures and soft hues in order to create a place that is both functional and homely.

Scandinavian designers have a deep respect for artisans, craftsmanship and natural materials, as well as placing a high value on functionality.

Quality, handmade pieces are favoured over cheap, throwaway designs, and if something happens to be a little more expensive, it’s no bother – Scandi style homeware is designed to stand the test of time, and the idea is that these pieces will remain in your home for years to come.

Typical Scandi style homeware is about functionality, clean lines, comfort and understated chic. One thing that Scandi interior design could never be accused of being is flashy – simple furnishings, utility and natural light are the name of the game here, and anything ornate or fussy is not welcome.

Scandinavian design is for people who love simplicity in decoration, as well as those with an appreciation for vast open spaces and lots of light. It is for the ultra-tidy people who still want their home to be warm and welcoming, and it is for those who prefer quality and functionality over bells and whistles.

People who like Japandi interior design will also be drawn to Scandinavian interiors.

A Brief History of Scandinavian Interior Design

The Scandinavian design movement emerged all the way back in the early 20th century in the Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. It has influenced everything from architecture and interior design to children’s toys, and during the 1950s, Scandi design became known all around the world thanks to The Lunning Prize, an annual New York prize that was awarded to eminent Scandinavian designers from 1951 until 1970.

Scandinavian design continues to inspire both interior designers and regular people alike, as Scandi style homeware never really goes out of style.

With well-made, elegantly-understated pieces, muted palettes and natural materials, Scandi style homeware is truly timeless.

scandi style homeware
Scandi style homeware is timeless.
Chevron oak bench from Cox and Cox.

Key Elements of Scandi Interior Design

A minimalist aesthetic. In the 1950s and ‘60s, Scandinavian homes were traditionally small, and so having tonnes of decorative items and clutter was simply not possible. Despite living spaces today being much bigger, this minimal style has stuck around, with walls commonly left bare and spaces feeling almost sparse.

Understated and functional design. Going hand in hand with the minimalist aesthetic, you will not find loud or extravagant décor in Scandinavian interior design. Scandinavian furniture furniture is all about gentle lines, subtle curves, and tapered legs.

Plush sofas and natural textiles. The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is all about being warm and cosy, and Scandi decor never neglects woollen throws, sheepskin rugs and cushions.

Airy spaces filled with light. Scandi interior design is all about maximising natural light to create bright open spaces. As far as artificial light is concerned, pendant lights with brass or copper accents are common and scented candles are a given!

Wooden furniture and wood accents. A majority of Nordic designs tend to favour natural materials such as wood, especially pale woods such as oak, ash, pine and beech.

Light, neutral colours. A neutral colour palette is key when choosing Scandi style homeware. A Scandinavian home will be full of white, off-white, muted browns, beige and creams and soft grey hues, along with muted blues and greens such as Robin’s egg blue.

Hanging plants and other influences from nature. Think driftwood, pebbles, Pampas grass, acorns and any other pretty finds from the outdoors.

My Scandi Homeware Wishlist

While platforms such as Pinterest can be great sources of inspiration when it comes to interior design, it can be difficult to know where to start when you want to actually buy Scandi style homeware.

I rounded up my best picks from the web, from Cox and Cox to La Redoute. I also did some digging to find some of the best Scandi homeware on Etsy, so hopefully there will be something here for everybody!

Scandi Homeware – Bedroom Inspiration

Your bedroom should be the most hygge place in your home (I actually wrote an entire article about how to create a hygge bedroom!), so be sure to utilise different textures in here and avoid any bold colours or patterns.

A woollen throw, hanging rattan chair, sheepskin stool and a soft cotton or linen bedspread should all be utilised, along with scented candles, house plants and understated artwork.

Choose pale, neutral colours to create a serene and soothing environment that is conducive to a perfect night’s sleep, and layer your bedding with faux fur or wool throws to turn your bed into your own personal haven.

Here are my Scandi style homeware picks for a beautiful bedroom:

Scandi Homeware – Living Room Inspiration

Scandinavian living rooms should be elegant and functional. Combine modern furniture and clean, straight lines with a large area rug and faux fur throw to create a kind of cosy minimalism.

Choose a comfortable sofa with wooden legs for a Scandi vibe, and add some additional seating in the form of wooden chairs with sheepskin throws.

Keep colours light and muted to make the room seem as large and airy as possible, and keep ornaments and decorative items to a minimum.

Here are my picks for a modern Scandi style living room:

Scandi Homeware – Home Office Inspiration

Perhaps the easiest room in the house to achieve that Nordic vibe is your home office.

A decluttered desk, smart storage options and pale greys are the order of the day, along with a couple of house plants and lots of natural light.

Here are my Scandi home office picks:

Scandi Kitchen Inspiration

Keep your kitchen in line with Scandinavian minimalism by ensuring that there is no unnecessary clutter on the worktops. Keep appliances stored neatly away, and accessorise with a wooden fruit bowl or ceramic vase.

In terms of flooring, choose some neutral Scandi floor tiles to create that clean, simple look.

Use wooden tables and stools and make sure that your hygge dining table is also a pale wood, perhaps with a herringbone effect.

Choose pendant light fitting for a bright and modern alternative to a chandelier and don’t be afraid to bring the outside in with flowers, house plants and other natural additions.

Scandi Homeware | Final Thoughts

So, this brings us to the end of my dive into Scandinavian interior design and how to give your living space a Nordic feel. I hope that I’ve provided you with some useful information, and hopefully some inspiration too!

Personally, I really like Scandi interiors. I’m not as much of a minimalist as I’d need to be to fully embrace the Scandi style, but the natural elements, wooden accents and clever uses of light and space are definitely things that I have incorporated into my own home.

What do you think about Scandi interior design? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The Best Scandi Style Homeware to Transform Your Home. Scandi style homeware can transform your living space into a functional, clean and effortlessly chic place to be. Here's some inspiration from the web. #scandiinteriors #scandinaviandesign #scandihomeware
The Best Scandi Style Homeware to Transform Your Home. Scandi style homeware can transform your living space into a functional, clean and effortlessly chic place to be. Here's some inspiration from the web. #scandiinteriors #scandinaviandesign #scandihomeware

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