Wanderlust Interior Design: Embracing International Style Interior Design

Imagine walking into your home and feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia for all your favourite travel destinations.

The vivid colours of Morocco, minimalist elegance of Japan, and Tuscan villa charm all vividly preserved within your four walls. For travellers with an appreciation of culture, travel and foreign places alike, embracing international style interior design is the perfect way to bring the world closer. 

In this post, we’re going on an exploration and creativity adventure as we discover how interior design and wanderlust can combine to create beautiful spaces that reflect both the world and your passion for travel, making sure all those memories become lasting ones.

Here’s a guide to wanderlust interior design.

Wanderlust Interior Design: Infusing Your Home With International Style Interior Design

Understanding international style

International interior design style provides you with a passport to travel the globe through interior design. By weaving threads of various cultures, design elements, aesthetics, and cultures together into an amalgamation that speaks to you personally. International style offers you a way to travel without having to leave your home! 

Successfully incorporating international style means striking a balance, a way to create an experience without completely overpowering our senses.

a grey sofa with some cushions on it in a well-lit room

Research, research, research

A wanderlust interior design journey starts with inspiration. 

Recall all of your travel memories that left a mark on you; explore travel blogs, Instagram feeds of global wanderers, and design magazines for ideas.

Don’t be surprised if ideas from unexpected places like street markets in Thailand, historic castles in Scotland, or cosy cafes in Paris inspire your design decisions. These experiences can easily translate to tangible elements in your home that add both character and authenticity, exactly like those found on your travels.

Choosing a theme

Deciding upon your central theme for your home design can be like selecting your next travel destination. 

Are you drawn to Scandinavian minimalism or more vibrant Indian colour aesthetics?

Perhaps African décor speaks to your soul?

Pick something that resonates deeply and compliments the overall aesthetics of your space. Your theme should serve as your compass, make sure every design decision align with its intent and atmosphere.

Using colour and materials

Colour can evoke emotions and memories like no other element can. 

Each culture has a distinctive colour palette which captures its essence. Architecture in Greece features blues and whites, while Southwestern American decor features warm reds and oranges. Moroccan designs incorporate earthy tones, with rich ruby reds and emerald greens giving a more luxe feel.

Choose your palette carefully when decorating any theme, and don’t forget to look into materials associated with your chosen culture. These could be bamboo for Asian influences, leather for rustic Western settings and textiles, and aluminium glazing bars from Clear Amber Shop for a more industrial aesthetic.

Furniture is everything

Furniture is at the core of every wanderlust interior design scheme. 

Selecting pieces to meet the style you’ve decided on from an international destination is of absolutely critical importance. Be it sleek Scandinavian furniture with clean lines, intricate wood carved Middle Eastern pieces or rustic charm in French country designs; each has their own aesthetic appeal.

Remember that functionality needs to complement aesthetics when placing pieces around a room to maintain continuity and support easy movement within your home whilst still being on theme.

living room of a cosy wooden cabin

Setting the scene

Your decor and accessories represent treasures collected over your design journey that add depth and authenticity to your space. 

Incorporate cultural artifacts, textiles, artwork and decorative items which relate to your chosen theme into this mix.

Something as subtle as a Moroccan pouffe in one corner can provide depth for an immersive experience, while handwoven Mexican rug adds a really personal touch that enhances the environment for visitors to your newly decorated home.

Creating ambience

Just like lighting can set the atmosphere for any destination, lighting fixtures in your home have similar powers to transform its atmosphere.

Choose lighting fixtures to highlight cultural elements you have included while providing adequate illumination. Consider pendant lights with intricate patterns to evoke a Middle Eastern ambience, paper lanterns for an Asian feel, or wrought-iron fixtures for European elegance.

a bed with fairy lights and candles

Adding a personal touch

Although international style interior design allows you to bring the world into your home, adding your signature style makes all the difference. 

Showcase souvenirs collected from your travels like African masks or Turkish lamps.

Scatter pictures from these adventures across shelves or walls so they serve as reminders of all you’ve experienced and all that lies ahead in life. You want a home that fits your lifestyle, and that means making it personal.

Maintaining style

Maintaining any design requires some regular upkeep. 

Maintenance of an international style design isn’t any different; it’s still your home after all!

Make sure all items and materials you incorporate receive the proper care.

You can also adapt your home for different seasons or events – a few carefully-selected accessories can transform a cosy Moroccan retreat in winter into an airy Mediterranean escape come summer.

Sustainable souvenirs and ethical design

As we incorporate international style into our homes, let’s not overlook its impact. 

Just as responsible travel has gained in popularity, ethical interior design is making real waves as well.

Look out for souvenirs that support local artisans and communities as well as eco-friendly materials like handwoven textiles, reclaimed wood furniture, or handmade ceramics. These will add authenticity and contribute towards maintaining local environments or communities near and dear to your heart.

Adopt ethical practices so your home respects the cultures that it borrows from.

Infusing International Style Into Your Home | Final Thoughts

Adopting international style in your home is an exciting journey that allows you to connect your wanderlust and living space.

By adding elements from various places you have visited, your design journey becomes all about creating memories, dreams and experiences within your four walls. Each item, colour, and arrangement made tells a unique tale – your story of travel meeting design.

With these techniques, you can transform your home spaces and relive your travel memories every day.

So keep exploring, designing and making sure your home reflects who you are globally.

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