6 Reasons Why Bali is Perfect for Solo Travellers!

Bali was the first place that I visited as a solo traveller. I arrived in Kuta alone, terrified of what my month in Bali was going to be like, before heading to Seminyak. Luckily, I made friends really quickly, and after getting to know Bali a little better, I soon realised that Bali is great for solo travellers like me.

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

I wouldn’t mind being alone here – Ubud, September 2015

So, just what is it that makes backpacking Bali alone so easy?

1. Everybody speaks English

There have been certain places that I travelled to where English was not widely spoken. I struggled in Vietnam, and you just try explaining to a Cambodian hairdresser that you want your hair straightened!

However, pretty much everybody in Bali speaks English, and so, if you’re a solo traveller, getting around is super easy.

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

Coffee with a view – Ubud, September 2015

2. It is fairly small

Another reason that Bali is perfect for solo travellers is that all of the places you’ll want to visit (think Ubud, Uluwatu, Seminyak etc.) are pretty close together. Seminyak is only a really short taxi ride from Kuta, and Ubud is no more than two hours.

This makes it really good for solo travel as you don’t have to worry about sleeping next to strangers on night buses! Another reason that this is so great is that Uber is widely used in Bali, and so you can just jump in an Uber and pay about half the price that you would pay by using local taxi companies!

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

Sunset at Tanah Lot – September 2015

3. Tonnes of backpackers go to Bali

If you’re backpacking Bali alone, rest assured that you will never actually be alone! Tonnes of backpackers head to Bali each year. Not only is Kuta a really popular place for Aussie partiers, but Bali is also really popular with travellers from all over Europe, and while places like Thailand and Vietnam tend to attract big groups of ‘lads on tour,’ Bali attracts loads of solo travellers!

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

My birthday! – Ubud, September 2015

4. There are lots of ways to meet people

If you’re unlucky and get stuck with an unsociable hostel like I did a couple of times in Bali, don’t lose hope. There are loads of classes and activities that you can get involved in to meet other travellers, from surfing in Uluwatu or Canggu to batik and cooking classes in Ubud. Not only will you meet some really cool people, but you’ll also learn a new skill and have lots of fun along the way – what’s not to like?

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

My Bali bezzie – Ubud, 2015

5. Bali is the perfect combination of East & West

If it’s your first solo trip, then Bali is perfect as it is steeped in tradition, culture and beauty, but also has enough Western comforts to stop you from feeling too out of your depth. This stops is from being as intimidating as somewhere like India may be for the first-time solo traveller.

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

Not half as relaxed as I look – Ubud, September 2015

6. It is the perfect place to be alone

If you actually want to be alone, then Bali is the perfect place to do that. Just like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love,  you too can ‘find yourself’ in Bali. There are so many silent retreats and places to learn yoga and meditation in cultural Ubud, that you won’t feel even slightly out of place if all you want to do is eat vegan food and wear toe rings.

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There are probably more people travelling alone in Bali than anywhere else, especially women, and that’s all thanks to Eat, Pray, Love making it so culturally acceptable to fly halfway across the world in the search of inner peace.

bali is perfect for solo travel, backpacking bali solo

Strange but beautiful beaches – Uluwatu, September 2015

Have I convinced you yet? Do you agree that Bali is perfect for solo travellers, or have you been somewhere even more accommodating for people who travel solo? Let me know in the comments section! 

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    January 24, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Great post! I’m hoping to travel to Bali this year and you’ve now got me considering going there on my own. It sounds like a really amazing experience!

    • Reply
      January 25, 2017 at 11:32 pm

      You really should! It’s perfect for solo travellers 🙂

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    November 5, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    I have just made my bookings to Bali , solo travel, i have been to many places alone and each place has different feelings , now i am not sure what i would see in bali, but as it is my type, sea , water activity and relax on beach . My main plan is to join PADi diving course for 3 days, and 2 other days walking around and explore . Hope that i get what i want to , your blog kind of made me feel more confident .

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