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Why You Need to Stay at a Greg and Tom Hostel, Krakow

You might not be aware that there are actually three Greg and Tom hostels in Krakow, all with the same owners but with completely different vibes.

This article is going to review each of the Greg and Tom hostels and help you figure out which one is most suited to you!

So, let’s get into it.

I have visited the Greg and Tom Party Hostel more times than I could possible count, and although I have stayed at a handful of other hostels in Krakow, it remains my belief that the Greg and Tom hostels Krakow are the best choice for backpackers, solo travellers and weekend trippers in Krakow.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a detailed review of the Greg and Tom Krakow hostels in order to help you narrow down where to stay in Krakow – after all, it can be pretty overwhelming in a city like Krakow, where there are literally hundreds of hostels all claiming to be the best!

The Greg and Tom Hostels Krakow | The BEST Hostels in Poland!

The Greg and Tom hostels are a group of 3 hostels in Krakow, Poland, run by Greg and Tom (who’d have guessed?).

There are 3 Greg and Tom hostels in Krakow – Greg and Tom Home Hostel, Greg and Tom Beer House Hostel, and Greg and Tom Party Hostel.

All 3 hostels are geared towards a different type of traveller, but still come together for parties and events, and all 3 offer the same high standards of accommodation and amenities.

You also get FREE breakfast and dinner at all 3 hostels (more on that later!).

Let’s look at each one in a bit more detail.

Which Greg and Tom Hostel Krakow is best?

Greg and Tom Party Hostel Krakow

I’m going to kick it off with the most famous of all the Greg and Tom hostels – Greg and Tom Party Hostel.

This is the hostel that I have stayed in a tonne of times, and even volunteered in.

As the name would suggest, this hostel is geared towards those of you who want to PARTY.

Every single night there is a pub crawl (often themed), where you get to drink unlimited alcohol for a couple of hours in the hostel while the hostel staff lead some crazy drinking games, before heading to 5 of Krakow’s most famous clubs (where you’ll get a free shot in each).

The pub crawl only costs about 9 EUR, making it the best value for money I’ve ever seen on a pub crawl – I mean, unlimited drinks, seriously?!

As the hostel is quite small (with only 40 beds), it is easy for everyone to get involved in the games, and the staff are so good at what they do that even the most timid of traveller will be making friends in no time.

When I was volunteering there, we also took the guests out during the day, doing everything from hitting up a local games bar, visiting the Krakow mound, and going to the ‘haunted house,’ Lost Soul’s Alley – check out my article about Krakow here if you’re in need of things to do in Krakow!

greg and tom hostel krakow
Pre-gaming before a pub crawl

Greg and Tom Beer House Hostel Krakow

This is also a hostel aimed at partiers, but with a slightly (very slightly) more chilled out vibe.

Greg and Tom Beer House is a much larger hostel, with many dorm rooms across multiple floors, and there is free beer every night between 9 and 10pm.

The Beer House also does nightly pub crawls with drinking games and more free booze then you will know what to do with.

What’s more, it is located smack bang in the middle of Krakow Old Town with a restaurant downstairs – what more could you ask for?!

Greg and Tom Home Hostel

The most laid back of the three Greg and Tom hostels Krakow, this hostel is the only one to offer private rooms and has a cosy, homely vibe.

It is also the only hostel with no upper age limit (you must be under 40 to stay at the other two Greg and Tom hostels).

The common room boasts a huge TV with over 300 DVDs, and you can drink free tea and coffee to your heart’s content as you chat to the friendly staff, and if you do want to party a little bit, you can join the pub crawl at one of the other hostels and then come back to your luscious private room at the end of the night!

Reasons to Choose a Greg and Tom Hostel Krakow

The Vibe

I’ve been to a couple of Krakow hostels where the vibe is just not there. Poland in general can be very hit and miss with its hostels, but Greg and Tom know that the staff are what make a hostel, and so they only hire the friendliest and bubbliest multi-lingual staff at their hostels.

All the staff at the Greg and Tom hostels will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, not just answering any questions you may have but also being there to hang out with, share a drink with, and explore the city with.

Another reason to stay at a Greg and Tom hostel Krakow is that they consistently seem to attract a good crowd of people who all want to make friends and have a great time, making them perfect for solo travellers.

I’ve met some of my best friends in the Greg and Tom hostels, and I don’t throw that title out to just anyone!

greg and tom party hostel krakow
Playing never have I ever

Free Food

It’s true that most hostels in Krakow offer a ‘free breakfast,’ but usually this just means some cold toast, a pot of jam and bad coffee.

Not at the Greg and Tom hostels.

Breakfast here is EPIC and includes sausages, bacon, fried eggs, pancakes, different kinds of cheese and deli meats, as well as a range of cereals, spreads and fruit juices.

If you wake up too late for breakfast then a small lunch is left out all day which usually includes little sandwiches, cakes and fruits.

A hot buffet dinner is also included with the price of your dorm bed, and gets delivered from the Beer House restaurant every singe night. Expect pizzas, burgers, pasta, fajitas, salads, potato wedges, enchiladas and so much more. There is always at least one vegetarian option as well.

Not only does the abundance of free food make the Greg and Tom hostels the BEST value for money, but it also makes it super easy to meet your fellow travellers and swap stories over plates of steaming food.

The Drink

I know, I know, I already mentioned the Greg and Tom pub crawls, but they’re so good that I decided they deserved an entire section all for themselves.

The Greg and Tom pub crawls are usually always themed, from Champagne showers, to flavoured vodka, to Polish nights, Hawaiian parties, beer festivals and more.

Every night, one of the sexy staff members will lead some fun drinking games for 90 minutes (free drink time!) before you head out to 5 of the best clubs in Krakow. With your pub crawl wristband, you get free entry to all the clubs and a free welcome shot in each.

I’ve done many a pub crawl in my time, and I can say that this one is 100% the best value for money out there.

Why else do you think I returned to this hostel so many times?

greg and tom hostel krakow
Say cheers!

The Price

I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up, but did you see me mention that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of the hostel?!

How much you pay at Greg and Tom’s will totally depend on room size, time of year etc., but I have never paid more than 12 EUR to stay at Greg and Tom Party Hostel (and usually it’s been less).

When you consider that the 12 EUR not only covers your bed for the night but also three meals the next day, you’re getting a bloody good deal.

The Hostels Themselves

Many social hostels put a huge focus on atmosphere and partying while sacrificing comfort.

As much as I loved RetoxI can’t pretend that it’s the cleanest or fanciest hostel that I’ve ever stayed in. Its priority is getting people wasted, not letting them have a good night’s sleep.

At Greg and Tom’s however, they have managed to create an amazing party vibe while keeping the hostels in tip top condition.

Each bed has two lockers (a large one for your luggage and a smaller one for valuables), an electrical outlet and a night light and the bathrooms are among the nicest I’ve seen at a hostel.

The kitchens and common rooms are super cosy, and everything is always spotless, from the kitchen worktops to the bathroom floors.

The Staff

Any hostel is only as good as the people who work there, and the staff at all 3 Greg and Tom hostels in Krakow are the best of the best.

They are always super friendly, super attentive and super fun to hang out with, and they will go above and beyond to make your stay in Krakow incredible.

hostels in krakow

More Hostels in Krakow

I think I’ve made it pretty clear what I think the best hostels in Krakow are, but I know that everybody is different and there are definitely other Krakow hostels with great reputations out there.

Some of the ones that I have heard great things about include:

The Little Havana Party Hostelwith the most beds in any Krakow hostel (120), 3 bars, table football and free booze, this hostel is most similar to Beer House. It has a great location above some of the best Latin bars and clubs in Krakow, making it a perfect place to start the night. I went to one pub crawl here and had a lot of fun.

Mosquito Hostel – Mosquito Hostel is a favourite among backpackers, with different events every night (from Quiz Nights to Pictionary night) and a half chill/half party vibe.

Let’s Rock Hostel – Let’s Rock Hostel has a super cool garden area, making it a great choice for a summer trip, and it also has an underground cave bar. What more could you ask for?!

For hotels in Krakow, I recommend Booking.com for the best rates.

Things to Know Before You Visit Krakow

The currency in Poland is the Polish złoty and 1 złoty is the equivalent of €0.23.

Krakow is safe, even for solo travellers and single women. I walked home alone at night MANY TIMES in Krakow without a problem. In Poland, people are much more likely to try and help you than to hurt you.

Shops are closed on Sundays (apart from the final Sunday of the month).

Drinking on the streets is illegal and you will be fined if caught.

Jaywalking in Poland is also illegal. You must use the proper crossings and wait until the green man appears. You will never see a local jaywalking.

Strip clubs in Krakow are notorious for scamming tourists. Watch out for people standing outside (usually carrying red umbrellas) who will try to lure you into the clubs with promises of free entry and cheap drinks. These clubs are famous for spiking people’s drinks, charging their cards extortionate amounts of money and having the Russian bouncers beat you up if you try to refuse to payOftentimes calling the police is no use as the police are in on the scam. I met two guys that had had 30,000 Canadian dollars taken from their cards while they were passed out in the club. Thirty. Thousand. Dollars. Think about that.

Polish people do not appreciate jokes about the Holocaust, inappropriate clothing at Auschwitz and selfies at Auschwitz. Read this article if you are unsure of how to behave at a concentration camp.

Polish people also do not appreciate public nudity, vomiting in the streets and anything else that you and your ‘lad’ mates may be inclined to do on a boozy trip to Poland. Read this article if you want to know how people in Krakow feel about ‘Brits abroad.’

In my opinion, you need at least 3 days in Krakow in order to be able to fully appreciate the city. However, if you have the time then you could easily spend longer here.

Getting to Krakow

Getting to Krakow from the UK is super easy given the number of direct flights offered from almost every major UK city from budget airlines.

If you’re travelling to Krakow by bus, my go-to bus travel in Europe is always FlixBus. Flixbus is the most extensive bus network worldwide and all Flix buses have Wi-Fi, extra legroom, charging ports and the ability to modify your booking just 15 minutes before departure! Click here to book your Flixbus to Krakow.

You can compare train and bus prices on Trainline.

The Greg and Tom Hostels Krakow | Final Thoughts

I wholeheartedly believe that the Greg and Tom hostels in Krakow are the best Krakow hostels there is. I have spent my own money to stay there more times than I could count, and I am not being paid to write this article.

I just really bloody love the Greg and Tom hostels!

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The Best Party Hostels in Krakow - Planning a trip to Krakow, Poland? I've rounded up the best Krakow party hostels with FREE buffet dinners, themed pub crawls every single night, FREE booze & crazy staff. #poland #krakowhostels #partyhostels #hostels #krakow
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The Best Party Hostels in Krakow - Planning a trip to Krakow, Poland? I've rounded up the best Krakow party hostels with FREE buffet dinners, themed pub crawls every single night, FREE booze & crazy staff. #poland #krakowhostels #partyhostels #hostels #krakow
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