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Why You Have to Stay at Greg and Tom Party Hostel, Kraków

It’s not often that I stay at a hostel that is so good that I want to return again and again. Sure, it happens, but it definitely isn’t the norm. It’s even less often that I feel compelled to write a blog post encouraging my readers to go and stay in a particular hostel. In fact, in over 100 articles on this blog, I’ve only done it twice before now (if you’re a fan of party hostels then you should definitely check out my post about Retox in Budapest).

However, Greg and Tom Party Hostel in Kraków, Poland, is on another level. I’ve stayed there 4 times now, and you can bet your last dime I’ll be back again when I’m next in Kraków. I’d even go so far as to say that it may be my all time favourite hostel (and I’ve stayed in many).

Wanna know why? Well just keep reading.

greg and tom party hostel


Why You Have to Stay at Greg and Tom Party Hostel

The Vibe

Some hostels seem to consistently attract a good crowd of people and Greg and Tom Party Hostel is one of those hostels. Every time I’ve been, Greg and Tom’s has been full of sociable people who just want to have fun. It’s especially great for solo travellers because it’s such a small hostel that everybody gets to know each other. Each night, everyone eats dinner together in the common area, which makes it even easier to meet new people, and if that’s not enough then the staff do a great job of getting everybody in the party mood.

greg and tom party hostel

The Food

With every night that you book at Greg and Tom Party Hostel, you also get a FREE breakfast, snacks throughout the day and buffet dinner! This is the only hostel I’ve stayed at that offers free breakfast and dinner, and oh boy, the food is good. Greg and Tom’s sister hostel, Greg and Tom Beer House, has a restaurant and so the food delivered to the Greg and Tom Party Hostel each night is top quality. What’s more, there are always tonnes of options, with at least two meat dishes to choose from, a vegetarian option and pizza, along with potato wedges, salads etc.

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The Drink

If you’re reading a review of a party hostel, then chances are you like to drink. Well fear not, because Greg and Tom Party Hostel has pub crawls EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. From Champagne showers, to flavoured vodka, to rainbow shots and beer, you pay 40PLN and Greg and Tom’s will give you 90 minutes of UNLIMITED alcohol in the hostel (no really). After you’ve nailed the pre-game (complete with lots of games coordinated by whichever sexy staff member is leading the night), you head out to 5 of the best clubs in Kraków. With your pub crawl wristband, you get free entry to all the clubs and a free welcome shot in each.

I’ve done many a pub crawl in my time (I’m an alcoholic okay, stop judging me), and I can say that this one is 100% the best value for money out there. Why else do you think I’ve returned to this hostel 4 times?

greg and tom party hostel

The Price

I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up, but did you see me mention that breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of the hostel?! I don’t want to give exact figures for how much a bed costs as it totally depends on room size, time of year etc, but I have never paid more than 12 euros to stay at Greg and Tom Party Hostel (usually it’s been less). When you consider that the 12 euros not only covers your bed for the night but also three meals the next day, you’re getting a bloody good deal.

The Hostel Itself

Many party hostels put a huge focus on partying and sacrifice comfort. As much as I loved Retox, I can’t pretend that it’s the cleanest or fanciest hostel that I’ve ever stayed in. Its priority is getting people wasted, not letting them have a good night’s sleep. At Greg and Tom’s however, they have managed to create an amazing party vibe while keeping the hostel in tip top condition.

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Each bed has two lockers, an electrical outlet and night light and the bathrooms are among the nicest I’ve seen at a hostel. The downstairs common room, with its mood lighting and black leather seats, looks more like a cocktail bar than a backpacker’s hostel and the kitchen is always spotless.

The Staff

I’ve gotta hand it to the staff because every hostel is only as good as the people who work there. Every time I’ve been to Greg and Tom Party Hostel, the staff have been super friendly, super attentive, and above all, great fun to party with. They went out of their way to help my friend out when she lost her jacket (a story I’ll never hear the end of), and in all my time at Greg and Tom’s, I haven’t had one bad experience.

I could go on for days about why you have to stay at this hostel, but the only way to really see whether I’m telling the truth is to go and stay there yourself. I guarantee you won’t regret booking a stay at Greg and Tom’s. To book your stay at Greg and Tom Party Hostel, simply click right here!

Have you ever stayed at Greg and Tom Party Hostel? What did you think? Would you go back again? Let me know in the comments section!

greg and tom party hostel

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